cooperdawson3512 Dark Arcanine
May 13, 12 4:00pm
ill add u on 3ds
Twin_Master Dark Arcanine
Jan 20, 11 5:35pm
Hello there my good time ol' friend. Just wanted to drop you a nice Guestbook and say that I hope things are going well for you and you would not believe the insurmountable respect I have for you at the moment.

Please, continue to fight the good fight and live your life to the fullest. See you around the forums, mate.
Death Girl Alex Dark Arcanine
Jul 12, 10 5:39am
i wheres my hug? there better be a hug, because if theres not then you have useed false advertising and for that you can prodded with a sharp stick *nods*
leo alex50 Dark Arcanine
Jun 7, 10 7:17pm
hi im leoalex50 and i like pokemon cheats,pokemon,bakugan,yugioh and other games.
i live in qld,aus.
do you want to be friends.
FourthBeat Dark Arcanine
Dec 25, 09 5:20am

~ All the best,
Croka Dark Arcanine
Nov 4, 09 12:21pm

What can I say to fill 125 characters?

...Iron Croka Stamped You...
InsanityS Dark Arcanine
Sep 13, 09 8:18am
Congrats on gaining another win in Articles of Excellence with your Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review, and not only that but you also have the honour of having the first win with a book review.

Perhaps not too surprising though. Your review really was amazing, and it's nice to see the book section getting that little bit more attention.
snow Dark Arcanine
Sep 10, 09 10:18pm
Happy Birthday Richie! Go out and party it's a big day.
Your a awesome guy and I'm glad we are friends.

Hope you like snow xD
Vicious Dark Arcanine
Jul 26, 09 9:58am

May the power of Yu Suzuki enhance your tech death riffing!
Gliscor19 Dark Arcanine
Jul 15, 09 8:03am
nice to meet you! I like your signature, it's beautiful! And you like Crystal from Starfox? I like her too, i think she's awesome. Anyways, its good to see you and I hope we can be good friends.
MasterZX Dark Arcanine
Jul 3, 09 4:10am
Hi it's MasterZX. I'm pretty sure you don't remember me but I remember you! Have a great day!
Charizard_2 Dark Arcanine
Apr 13, 09 5:11am
Happy Easter I Will Miss You From your moderation.I will miss you ah everyone else so I will pm you a gift sometime.Bye!Hope to see you soon!
Gray Shadow Dark Arcanine
Apr 12, 09 6:03am

I'm just sending some inspiration your way, Richie. Remember anything is possible if you put your mind and soul to it. I hope you are doing okay, and that you are safe and happy. Talk to you soon.

*Hugglez* <3

Your friend,
Charizard_2 Dark Arcanine
Apr 1, 09 4:38am
It's great you became the moderater you are very helpful and fun have a happy life in neoseeker! I hope you have fun and stay moderater!You are so good at your job to! have a happy neoseeker life!
Skaterstar Dark Arcanine
Mar 26, 09 6:14am
Free hugs if I sign? Awesome! ^_______^ Yayz, *Huggles Richie for life*

I luvs you. <3

You know, I missed you too much. Even though we e-mailed each other sometimes, it just wasn't the same as before. I missed you more than words can say. ;_; *Cuddles*

You know, I haven't signed your GB in almost a year! GEEZ! @_@ Can't believe it! I bet your GB was lonely without me. XD

You're the best person ever. Don't forget that.

Love you forever,

~ Laurel
InsanityS Dark Arcanine
Feb 22, 09 3:52am

Hey man, congrats on winning the AoE round for the 6th Feb. You provided Neoseeker visitors with an indepth review for Doom with a solid balance of media. It was a well deserved win and I hope to see more of your reviews competing for another win later on.

P.S. Sorry for the late congrats signing. I totally forgot about this. =(
CardCaptor Sakura Dark Arcanine
Feb 14, 09 7:41pm
HELLLLOOOOOOO. It's me, again. ._.;

Hope you get a ton of heart shaped skittles, or maybe heart flavored skittles. Hmm.

Jordii Dark Arcanine
Feb 14, 09 2:48pm
Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you remember them;
no matter how long since you’ve actually met,
each one is a luminous gem
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that’s why this Valentine comes to you:
You’re one of those sparkling treasures.

With love,

Symphonic Abyss Dark Arcanine
Feb 1, 09 10:41pm
After all of these years, and I forgot to sign your G-Book. Well, whatever. YOU GET SIGNED NAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, so...bye.
Samus Dark Arcanine
Jan 27, 09 11:49am

Lucky you, you got signed by the Super Sexy And Amazingly Awesome Samus.



*Demands Free Hug*
Nami Skater Dark Arcanine
Jan 20, 09 2:04pm

Im currently on a stamping spree so here ^o^.

You've been stamped by me... You better happy about it!! Jk ^.^.
Kathrine Dark Arcanine
Jan 17, 09 6:29pm

Hi Richie. :3 I'm just signing in my way of I <3 you lots. Enjoy my stamp. <333

P.S. Lol, free hugs! *hug* HUGS! <3
CardCaptor Sakura Dark Arcanine
Jan 9, 09 5:25am
Kk, random subject title but whatever. :3

You IMed me last night while I was sleepin', so sorry about that. (Hope my automessage replied for me.)

Congratz on getting a girl that has an awesome sweatshirt. : D Did she dye her hair black or no? =o

See ya around, enjoy the randomness of this pointless stamping.
Aya Chan Dark Arcanine
Dec 26, 08 6:03pm
Merry Christmas!

Hi Richie!
I hope you had an amazing Christmas.
Stay happy, talk to you soon!
Katsumi Dark Arcanine
Dec 26, 08 1:08pm

Merry Christmas!
Hope you're having a great time, opening presents, and doing all sorts of christmas-y things, too bad I can't do such things,as I don't celebrate Christmas. XD


Heya, Richie. XD

Thanks for accepting my apology, I feel so bad for doing those things, but you still have lots to be sorry for to a lot of people though. :L

Enjoying you Wii, I bet. ;3

Warm regards,
Aina <3