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Dark Arcanine
Mar 19, 11 6:58pm
Been finding more and more amusing trailers. Come on, guys, patch in more enemies and arenas! MondayNightCombat
Dark Arcanine
Mar 6, 11 1:53am

Recently released on Steam, the PC version of Monday Night Combat has enthralled...

Dark Arcanine
Feb 27, 11 4:17am
Overall opinion: It's a fun game with potential, but the lack of content effects the longevity and replayibility. MondayNightCombat
Dark Arcanine
Feb 26, 11 9:05am
Definitely more fun online. It's also quite clear some people have played it a lot already, given their strategies. MondayNightCombat
Dark Arcanine
Feb 25, 11 10:32pm
It's funny how everyone draws a bead between this and Team Fortress 2. I felt graphically it's similar to Spyborgs - except better. MondayNightCombat
Dark Arcanine
Feb 25, 11 9:24am
Somewhat got the hang of it now; balancing the action and the tower defence elements. Upgrade system is easily accessible. MondayNightCombat
Dark Arcanine
Feb 24, 11 9:19am
Pit Girl - hell yeah! MondayNightCombat
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