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Been finding more and more amusing trailers. Come on, guys, patch in more enemies and arenas! MondayNightCombat PC

Recently released on Steam, the PC version of Monday Night Combat has enthralled...

Overall opinion: It's a fun game with potential, but the lack of content effects the longevity and replayibility. MondayNightCombat PC
Definitely more fun online. It's also quite clear some people have played it a lot already, given their strategies. MondayNightCombat PC
It's funny how everyone draws a bead between this and Team Fortress 2. I felt graphically it's similar to Spyborgs - except better. MondayNightCombat PC
Somewhat got the hang of it now; balancing the action and the tower defence elements. Upgrade system is easily accessible. MondayNightCombat PC
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