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Dark Arcanine
Feb 7, 12 3:24pm
One triple star rating off having the lot. Never thought it'd take this long to get the last couple. MarioKart7
Dark Arcanine
Jan 30, 12 11:16pm
Just a couple of cups left to master. But I believe a fair few kart bits to get yet! MarioKart7
Dark Arcanine
Jan 25, 12 1:25am
Currently going for triple star rating in 150cc and Mirror Mode. MarioKart7
Dark Arcanine
Jun 9, 11 7:03pm
Managing to fly and go underwater without seeming like a Diddy Kong Racing clone? Good job. Need more news though. MarioKart7
Dark Arcanine
Apr 22, 11 4:00pm
Very excited for this too. With the amount of time I put into Mario Kart DS, it should be a very good investment. MarioKart7
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