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Finished it twice... definitely need to get Dead Space 2; even if it doesn't look as good from all the LP videos I've watched. DeadSpace PC
I swear the difficulty has increased, even though it doesn't say it has. Leapers are running too fast. xD DeadSpace PC
Completed it last week; need to get Dead Space 2 now. Started up a new game to keep myself occupied and enjoy the level 6 suit! DeadSpace PC

Electronic Arts struck gold when they developed the survival horror game Dead Space....

Completing the second half a lot faster. Still a lot of fun though. DeadSpace PC
Asteroid in gravity tether = Event Horizon! DeadSpace PC
They must've had a lot of sex on this mining ship, considering all the baby Necromorphs. Swinger's ship ftw! DeadSpace PC
I don't see why everyone complains about the asteroids bit - changed my sensitivity and pwned it first time. DeadSpace PC
One of the few things that bothers me is the constant reminder your girlfriend might be alive - it's so obvious she's dead. DeadSpace PC
Wondered when I'd meet female necromorphs. They're taller, and seemingly faster too. Reoccurring messages about god on the walls. DeadSpace PC
Monster babies! Nothing says scary quite like a tentacled baby. The upgrade system is fairly simple and well designed. DeadSpace PC
Quite similar to Doom 3 in terms of some of the environments and how Necromorphs pretend to be dead on the floor. DeadSpace PC
Intense. Having to watch some of your team die, and run away without a weapon, to be pinned in the lift, is brutally awesome. DeadSpace PC
Woohoo! Finished downloading it - will give first impressions later today. DeadSpace PC
Oh yay, Steam crashed, I'm sure that'll do wonders when I'm only 1.9GB off finishing the download. DeadSpace PC
2.6 GB done so far. For 10 hours with my cruddy net, that's pretty decent. So I shall get to play this game this weekend! DeadSpace PC
Dl'ing it over the next couple of nights. Quite interested by the multiplayer vid of Dead Space 2. DeadSpace PC
Watched some LP vids by an amusing English guy. I'm convinced, just need to dl it now. 7GB ftl. DeadSpace PC
Pretty excited by trailers and the plot description, think I'll watch some gameplay videos. DeadSpace PC
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