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I've just noticed that some of the achievements in this game are literally for OCD people - not obtainable in normal gameplay. CounterStrikeSource PC
Developed a liking for the "boosh" noise of the Bullpup. CounterStrikeSource PC
Decided part of why I enjoyed this game so much, was playing it with friends. Need them to come back soon. CounterStrikeSource PC
Practicing offline on all the maps to get back into the swing of things. Managed to achieve a positive kill-death ratio online. CounterStrikeSource PC
Looks like wireless is good except when someone's on the PC at the same time. Getting better - been ages since I've played regularly. CounterStrikeSource PC
I'll have to try a direct net connection to avoid extreme lag and game screwing up - not helped by mum and her FB obsession. CounterStrikeSource PC
I need to get my friend round to change a lot of settings for a more custom style of play I'm used to! CounterStrikeSource PC
Will hopefully be playing this tonight! CounterStrikeSource PC
Finally have this on my own laptop. CounterStrikeSource PC
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