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Dark Arcanine
Apr 26, 11 2:21am
Finished and reviewed. Not sure I'll bother with the second one now. BioShock PC
Dark Arcanine
Apr 17, 11 2:44am

BioShock is a game that has received a lot of praise since initial release. It won...

Dark Arcanine
Apr 16, 11 12:51am
I am now dressed like a Big Daddy. Even turning down the sound, upping the volume and sound of the dialogue hasn't helped much with speech. BioShock PC
Dark Arcanine
Apr 14, 11 5:48pm
Enjoying the plot; graphically appealing; okay atmosphere, though seen better; combat is slightly annoying; pointless difficulty: respawn BioShock PC
Dark Arcanine
Apr 13, 11 1:58am
Steam finally put BioShock on sale again (and BS2)! Looking forward to installing and playing! Likely dl it tonight. BioShock PC
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