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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 29, 11 2:53am

That's right, they just couldn't help themselves! Seeing an unprecedented occurrence, and a bit of history made in Articles of Excellence, the nineteenth round saw a hat-trick win for the seemingly very popular indie title, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. This time our review is written by newcomer (to reviews at least!) Quierta, who also thoroughly enjoys it (surprise!). She too describes it as having a level of difficulty, but being rewarding in return. Perhaps this is a gentle nudge towards developers to say "we want more games about dungeon crawling AND shop keeping"?

 Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale     Score: 4.7/5
 Genre: Fantasy RPG

 For a game with so little backing and so small a concept, it certainly leaves a big impression.

quote Quierta
Recettear, at a first glance, is just a small indie game perhaps akin to the likes of the infamous Facebook game "Farmville" or whatever Zynga's managed to come up with recently. However, that is very much INCORRECT!

The overall plot of the game is rather simple. You play as Recette, a young girl who is currently living alone in her father's home. It seems that he's gone missing, apparently having partaken in some large adventure and never having returned. Much to her surprise she is one day visited by a fairy by the name of Tear. She instructs you that your father left you with a daunting debt which you will have to repay, or you will be thrown on the streets. A compromise is made - you will turn your home into an item shop, buy and sell items at a profit and slowly widdle away at the overly large debt your father has so kindly left on your lap.
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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 14, 11 3:37am

Our eighteenth round saw a heated round of voting and a very interesting win. Switching between clear winner and neck-and-neck, the round ended out with a victory for Dark Moor and her Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale review. This follows Insanity Prevails' win with a review of the same game in the previous round! Though by the sound of it, this game deserves the spotlight twice in-a-row. Describing it as difficult, but in an enjoyable way, as well as highly addictive, she too describes it as a great game with evident originality.

 Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale     Score: 4.5/5
 Genre: Fantasy RPG

 Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale is a very well constructed and original game that puts you in the perspective of a shopkeeper.

quote Dark Moor
You know how in most RPGs, you have to buy weapons, armor and items from a shop in order to stand a bit more of a chance against the forces of evil, right? You'd think that the shopkeepers would cut you some slack and give you a discount because you're saving the world from said forces of evil... nope. Shopkeepers can't play favorites here! And that's the case for this game, where you ARE a shopkeeper, needing to make sure that you earn as much money as possible without driving the customer away because you're demanding a thousand dollars for a piece of candy.

Recette has lived the easy life; she never had to work a day in her life and could spend the day sleeping, dreaming of sweets. Then one day, a fairy by the name of Tear comes by and asks Recette to pay quite a hefty amount of money. Why? Because Recette's father took out a hefty loan and left Recette with an enormous debt. At least Tear isn't a ruthless loan shark/Nazi, and she decided to let Recette work it off, paying it off week by week. Recette decides to work as a shopkeeper, with Tear helping her along the way. Throughout the game, I was expecting the story to become more deep and engrossing, but honestly, simple and lighthearted is a great alternative. The dialogue between the characters ranges from just plain light hearted to pretty hilarious. You can tell that the game doesn't take itself too seriously.
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