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Dark Arcanine blogged
Aug 23, 10 12:37am

Eighth round has been announced for the Articles of Excellence contest with votes going left, right and center. Presenting a list consisting of many quality reviews, everyone picked something different as their favourite for the round. Though a winner emerged, Dark Moor and their White Knight Chronicles review on the PS3. Giving us the reasons for why it's a decent RPG to check out and something apart from the usual bunch with a good multiplayer component and a high degree of cusomisation available.

 White Knight Chronicles     Score: 4.0/5
 Genre: Fantasy RPG

 If you're sick of generic RPGs and you want something different in the genre, especially multiplayer that surprisingly works very well, give White Knight Chronicles a call.

quote Dark Moor
White Knight Chronicles is an interesting game. It, like Final Fantasy XII, has torn audiences apart. On one half, you have the people who hate it because they find the battle system too slow. On the other side of the fence, people praise it for its innovative battle system. Now, when it comes to Final Fantasy XII, I'm on no side. I liked the battle system, but the story and characters never peaked my interest, and ultimately, that's what keeps me playing an RPG. White Knight Chronicles's story, despite its simplistic nature, actually kept me coming back. Basically, when it comes to what side of the fence I'm on with White Knight Chronicles, I'm on the side with rainbows and butterflies.

The story revolves around a lad named Leonard. While delivering wine to a city that's under attack, he notices a princess, and within seconds, they're both together, inside a temple. He notices a suit of armor, and she chants a spell, which allows him to use the power of the armor. The armor transforms him into a giant, sword wielding mech warrior. Within a few more seconds, the princess is kidnapped, presumably because her kidnappers know that she can bring all of the suits of mechanical armor to life. Leonard, along with anybody who is willing to help, has to rescue her.
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Dark Arcanine blogged
Aug 8, 10 4:02am

With the seventh round in the Articles of Excellence contest we not only have another great winning review, but a change in management too. From now on, I will be running our beloved User Review contest. This round, Vergil Ties was the clear winner with his review for the Nintendo DS game, Infinite Space. Going into his review with expectations for another solid game from developer Platinum Games, Vergil Ties writes up a great review for the space-based RPG that despite generating some mixed feelings, makes for a good addition to the library for anyone looking for a meaty storyline and a decent handheld RPG.

 Infinite Space     Score: 4.0/5
 Genre: Adventure RPG

 Overall, Infinite Space is a reasonably good and unique strategy RPG game.

quote Vergil Ties
Platinum Games are starting to become an instant favorite of mine. Madworld was awesome, and Bayonetta was *bleep*ing mantastic! Here, I’m on my chair, thinking “they’re going for a hat trick, I can tell”. Enter Infinite Space, a game unlike the previously mentioned games. Instead of a beat em up (either with fists or with hair blades... go with it), they opted for an RPG of the more strategic variety. It’s not played out like Disgaea or Fire Emblem; it’s more like your typical RPG game, but with loads of strategy incorporated into the mix. Layers upon layers of gameplay build on to one another, managing for a hell of an experience. Some may not like the unforgiving nature of the game or the steep learning curve, but it’s one that opens itself up to satisfaction upon victory after getting the grasp of how it all works. In essence, this game is great!

Yuri is like many kids his age; he wants to go beyond the confides of his home and explore the galaxy around him. The only problem with this is that the planet's ruler is a petty bastard who forbids space travel. After seeing a ship crash near him and the pilot being a young girl named Nia, he and her build a ship to bypass the guards. Eventually, he's roped into some battles against space pirates alongside his mates (crew members).
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