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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 21, 10 8:35pm

My parents have been going on since I got back from England, which was the 23rd of December, about if I was going to get into University. Originally, during my time in high school, they suggested my grades would never be good enough. Then once I graduated high school, bringing us to more recent times, with a decent ATAR, they decided they needed something new to complain about. Naturally, they found it pretty quickly. When would acceptances come through and would their son receive one?

Originally, they figured it was going to be the 5th of January and who knows why. As if they would send it out just after all the celebrating of festivities and New Years. Anyway, they decided to change their estimated date to the 15th of January according to what they'd "heard". As such it came around and nothing still, I told them no one else had received conformation either but they didn't seem to entirely believe me. I said it'd come near the end of January, as en email had explained. So that seemed to satisfy them somewhat.

Today, the 21st of January, I signed into my email account to check out if anything interesting was going on, to see that there was something in my junk folder. I like to see what gets put into their because sometimes, they're really amusing. Turns out their was an email there from the head of a department at the University of Wollongong telling me I'd been accepted and that I had to confirm my enrollment within a week. Well you can imagine, I took a great deal of pleasure from showing my mother that email. And just now she phoned my father, who I imagine will have a heart attack or something from the amount of faith he put into me during my school years.

Oh and it's also amusing the order of which people have found out so far that I'm going. Mother, Mishtram, my two friends, cousin and wife, father. Yes, a Neoseeker member knew before everyone bar one person. That's how special he is. :D

So I got a letter through a little while ago, giving more details than just "congratulations, you got in". I got my first preference in the first round of student selections, so very pleased with that. Doing a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies (Journalsim) course and I'm going to tag a teaching course onto that, which will only take a year after the original course. So all up I'm going to spend the next four years in University and get two qualifications out of it, pretty decent deal if you ask me.

So that's it for now really, everything else has been daily routine. Swimming every day, eating lots of delicious meat products etc. I am doing more stuff on GameGrep now that I've gotten into the swing of things again, which is pleasing.

Until next time then, congratulations to all the other Australians who received their acceptances.

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