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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 29, 09 8:25pm

Yeah, I never made a single blog entry here about my six week holiday in England, so I deserved some coal in my stocking. Luckily there wasn't any, it's too hot here as it is. It was a decent holiday overall, it's a shame that only a small part of it was what I'd really wanted to experience the whole time. I doubt people even noticed I was gone though and that most of you are scratching your heads while thinking "Who is he then?".

I've been thinking a bit lately about people I respect. I don't respect many people to tell the truth, there really has to be at least one aspect about the person which is really outstanding in order for me to harbour admiration towards them. One such person I've recently come to really respect is a member of the popular video hosting site, YouTube. The member's account name is RayWilliamJohnson who I've been subscribing to for a few good months now. He puts out regular videos and I have to say, he's the main reason I check up on the site now and then just to see if he's done another yet. It's basically a show where he gives his thoughts on different videos found on the internet and does little sections such as his question of the day. It's rather impressive how many hits his videos get, which is a testament to their quality. I like the fact he's so funny and not just in an upfront way, he's intelligently funny. Well, except his Doin' Your Mom music video but hey, it's really funny. My point is, there's some people out there who are worth your time and today I'd like to point out such a person, Ray. I definitely recommend checking out his videos if you have the time.

Also talking about things on the internet, I'd like to take a minute to discuss Serebii. For regular site visitors, it's a treat when Christmas time comes around. The site likes to do an advent calender which is packed with stuff like crosswords, msn icons and wallpapers. I'm certainly a fan, I saved a fair few wallpapers to my computer this year for use in the coming one. So thank you Serebii for putting the time and effort into that.

And what of Neoseeker? Well, I'm still waiting on the ability to get a name change for consistent NeoPoints acquiring. I know many people don't want me to change my name but I've wanted it for long time now. Not that I'm ashamed of having a Pokemon username like many people seem to be, I just prefer another I use.

I also need to get back into my groove, which means more GameGrep again! As well as more reviews for which I already have several planned out.

If anyone is wondering, yes I did have a decent Christmas. If you'd like to know what I got, please feel free to check out my gallery where I uploaded photos of the better presents. There's also a few photos from my holiday and a couple of my dogs.

I also hope everyone has a good New Year's Eve lined up. Personally, I'm just going to hang out with a couple of mates and drink my ass off. Hopefully most of you will have a more fulfilling one at some nice venue with family or something of the like. Please feel free to share any plans in this blog entry. Or maybe your resolutions if you have any, I personally don't have any huge ones.

As for next year, I've achieved a score higher than I required, so I'll be going to University in early March I believe. Going to be doing a Journalism course and I don't care what job I get afterward, as long as it's something to do with writing I'll be happy. I'm also going to a concert on the 6th of February at what the net has described as the worst pub in Sydney so that'll be fun I'm sure.

That's about it guys, until next time.

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