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Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 23, 09 7:55pm

I'm not sure if this news is worthy enough to be broadcast overseas. Everyone in Australia though is quite aware of the freak weather which started yesterday morning. Now I live near Wollongong in New South Wales. Here it started off as a relatively normal morning. On my way home in the late morning this wind came out of no where and I mean proper wind, the train station was shaking and creaking because of it. Then when I was at home the temeprature rose to 30 degrees celsius. Which isn't too hot but is still uncomfortable. The afternoon saw huge black clouds arrive on the wind, which rumbled a little until nightfall. Late evening the thunderstorm starts, with some cool looking lightning. Then through the later night it simply tipped down with rain, while still being quite hot.

So if that's bad enough, this morning I woke up to an orange glow, everything was glowing orange. Couldn't understand it until mum explained and I looked outside. In the early hours of the morning the dust storm had come through. It looked really cool and I've never seen that happen before. It also gave way to something else...

This week is my second last week of school, ever. I have exams after but those don't count really, they're not classes. So I'm really excited, as I bloody hate school with a passion through many reasons. Anyway, this week I haven't attended many classes. Monday I went to half, Tuesday half and today I went to none.... because of the dust storm and not me for a change.

It was broadcast that if you have health problems you shouldn't go outside today. Myself, being diagnosed as a terrible sufferer of asthma, am stuck inside for the day. Which is fine by me, though a little boring. Supposedly some people risk the possibility of death by such problems coupled with over exposure. Sounds like a pretty cool, futuristic dystopic way if you ask me....

I'm enjoying that Revocation album I blogged about. I obtained it through a leak nine days before release. In fact I got the leak a couple hours after it went up, so I was one of the very first people to get it (or at least can be determined by Last.FM stalking at any rate). It's good so again I recommend it.

So that's it for now, some weird weather and a new album. Next week I'm sure you'll enjoy reading since I have my formal. I'll try and take a camera to take a load of photos.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 20, 09 8:29pm

Revocation is a favourite band of mine, combining the sounds of old school thrash with a modern technical death metal sound. Together, it makes for an interesting mix which you don't see very often. The majority of bands which describe themselves as Tech Death/Thrash are in all honesty just Tech Death or not very good. Revocation is different though, showing how to do it right and with just three band members they're not to be snuffed at.

So the reason I'm making this blog post is because their new album Existence is Futile is about to come out and felt as a fan it's my duty to raise awareness of this. So far, I have some thoughts to put towards the new album, despite having yet listened to it from start to finish... because it hasn't leaked yet, they're doing a good job to stop the downloaders to be sure.

Firstly, the album artwork. Although it's cool, it's not overly original to have a scary death monster on the front. In comparison to their last piece, a dystopic future, it's a step down. Does this mean anything though?

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't mean a single thing in terms of the album. At the moment there is three songs from their new album on their MySpace. These are The Brain Scramblers, Dismantle The Dictator and Anthem Of The Betrayed. I've listened through all three a few times each now and my conclusion is it's just as good as the stuff from their first album. It's catchy, it's powerful and most of all (on a personal level) it's enjoyable.

In all honesty, Revocation is one of those bands which should make it really big but just don't have their name circled around enough. I think after a couple more albums, if they stay steady and consistent, it's likely they will hit it big and start knocking it up with the big names. For now though, it's nice to see a fresh face pumping out top notch music.

Here's a profile of the album for you:

Release Date: September 29, 2009

1. Enter The Hall 02:27
2. Pestilence Reigns 04:33
3. Deathonomics 03:42
4. Existence Is Futile 04:50
5. The Brain Scramblers 03:11
6. Across Forests And Fjords 04:16
7. ReaniManiac 03:18
8. Dismantle The Dictator 03:57
9. Anthem Of The Betrayed 05:16
10. Leviathan Awaits 04:48
11. Tragedy Of Modern Ages 07:03

Total playing time: 47:21

Revocation's MySpace

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 19, 09 4:10am

Well, obviously there is a lot of types of comedy and everyone is different in their tastes. Lately though, there has been quite a large trend and therefore following of reality comedy. Especially when taking it to a point of controversy, it's almost as juicy to the audience as which celebrity just gave birth. It creates the "ooohs" and "omg!" of the comedy business.

Recently, there's been some hype from certain news reporters who think that this sort of stuff is going too far. My question is, at what point does comedy cross the line? It's not like these people are doing something super illegal, they're just making a laugh out of serious issues. I for one find this stuff really funny but then again, not everyone is me.

Also of recent, has been a lean in the trend down the specific path of terrorism. As it's an increasingly reported aspect of life, it seems almost natural for these comedians to jump on it and have a go. There is a YouTube series of some guys in England who do a reality take on what it'd be like to be living in England as terrorists. What can I say, other than the fact I watched an episode and it was pretty darn funny and interesting. Similarly, the show Double Take just yesterday aired a show with a musical video to the tune of Eye of the Tiger making a mockery of Al Qaeda.

Now people act like this is a huge deal, though I tend to disagree. Just because these people are causing problems, does it mean they don't have a sense of humour? Perhaps it's just a really dark sense of humour, or perhaps the exact same as you and I. I can't answer such things but at the end of the day, everyone loves a good laugh. Whether it causes controversy or not, if comedy achieves it's goal of being funny then don't bother complaining!

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 9, 09 3:39am

I pose the question, what is more of a bother. Spending a day of social isolation at school, or coming home and spending the night bored as your father insists on listening to old music, in his pajamas with socks on, picking up your $1200 guitar and treating it like it cost a fiver. I personally cannot pick between, although at least the school day was quiet.

In relation to the title, many people know that Behemoth released their new album Evangelion recently. So far, I've got around 360 plays for the album (songwise not full album!) which is still a fair amount for a short period of time. Anyway, not quite sure why I'm even mentioning that, though I do recommend giving it a listen.

Lately my love for the Harry Potter series has been rekindled. Whether it's in opposition to my little sister's obsession with the atrocity that is Twilight, or my general love of reading, I've yet to decide. Either way, reading through the series is proving a nice thing to do from 11 to 12 each night. In fact I've started to review them and so far I've reviewed the last two (yeah I know, nice order there Richie) but at least I'm reviewing the original next.

Not much else to say for now, except that this Friday it's my birthday and am turning eighteen. Although I don't have any control over the party, as is already proven by the fact my sister is having more friends over than me.... where is the fairness in that? My response was "it's our house and she can invite whoever she wants". It makes you wonder sometimes, if their claims of "it's always you wanting" are actually true, or if they're hugely hypocritical and just use the "I'm an adult" argument to get away with a lack of intelligence. Either way, I'm interested to see their new poorly constructed rebuttals after Friday.

So yeah it's a negative, sorry. Well for now, watch out in case I make another blog entry after the two vodka bottles I have stored for Saturday on top of whatever else is brought... no doubt it'll be humorously lighter.

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