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Dark Arcanine blogged
Aug 19, 09 2:28am

Well right now, he's studying Economics or as he likes to call it, Deathonomics. Which by the way if you don't know the reference, it's a song from the upcoming Revocation album which is like the end of October I think.

Anyway, this studying is for the Trial HSC. Now I'm not going to lie, I haven't been doing much study for it. For those of you not in Australia I'll explain once again. The HSC is your last exams before leaving school and the trials are to show you what they'll be like and help prepare (and also make up a huge amount of your marks lol).

So yeah, not much study. Haven't felt too bad either and, since the HSC will be easier than the trials my school sets, I'm feeling pretty confident. Especially when I make some good, solid notes for all courses. And I won't have to go in for most classes anymore, so plenty of free time to get things done for like... a month?

Speaking of a month, September the 11th is slowly getting closer. Which means my birthday and turning 18. Not sure what I think of it, not overly excited about the prospect but not upset or anything either.

Haven't "acquired" much music still. Though today I did download Behemoth's new album, haven't had the chance to listen yet. Friend showed me the first track on the train, sounded fine enough at the time.

So I'm suffering school at the moment but it'll be clear skies for a while, before a final blackened sky. Then is my six week trip to England but I should still be around during it.

And that's it for now.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Aug 14, 09 2:40am

This forum needs some loving! And by this I mean, the Spyborgs game needs some loving. It is likely that it's not a very well known game yet on Neoseeker, which is why I felt it couldn't hurt to raise some awareness through my blog.

Now you must bare with me, because I don't know much myself. :O Though it is an Action game on the Wii, so I'll have the majority of Wii owners with me so far. Then consider what it's about, Spyborgs. Which obviously, is a combination of a spy and a cyborg. Futuristic sort of games are pretty interesting right?

If I still haven't got anyone interested yet, perhaps I should show off some screenshots and concept art:

There's also more screenshots and plenty of more concept art in my gallery so be sure to check it out if you're interested.

That's about it from me, I'm sure Spyborg fans could have done a better job. Instead, you got stuck with a guy who liked some pictures and wanted to do a good deed... so deal with it. Remember, check out the forum and don't be a stranger!

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