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Dark Arcanine blogged
Mar 16, 09 8:17pm

As some of you would know, whether it be from the thread or a past blog entry by me, I won the competition involving the Castlevania Wiki Contest. It was the holidays, it was something nice to do and help the site and I was getting a prize. Suffice to say, I saw it as a nice project to work on for a couple of weeks.

I guess some of you can see this blog entry as a confirmation that the prizes are indeed delivered and that the people of Neo aren't trying to swindle you or any other call sounding word with a similar definition, though who knows why you're thinking such things!

So today I got home with my mum since she saw me on the way home with my sister, yay for not having Periods 8+9 on Friday and my mum happening to go shopping and so pass me. Got home and she went to the mailbox with a strange expression on her face. I noticed a parcel and so took a look, to much delight I read "Neo Era Media" on it and knew exactly what it was.

I can tell you, I really love that bubble wrap... oh, you want to know about the actual prizes don't you? Hope you're sure because the bubble wrap is damn good...

The notebook is pretty snazzy. It's black my favourite colour of course and the details are indented which is a nice effect. Has pretty silver writing on the back too, can't go wrong with shiny things.

Then there's the laser cel, which definitely looks very cool. The art itself is quite detailed when you actually look at it for more than two second and is quite a busy piece when you study it for long enough. Otherwise it looks simply like two guys back to back with some stuff behind them when the stuff is quite interesting.

Since I won I haven't stopped working on the Wiki, partly because I enjoy working on that one quite a bit and also as sort of a continuous thank you for the prize. No Wiki Staff though! ;-;

Okay so here's my photos, yes they're probably similar to the ones tek did but there is also the packaging and my bed spread to check out. :) Arcanine is protecting my details, just in case you buggers have some super awesome graphics program to check them out.

(Thank you tek and everyone involved)

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Mar 14, 09 1:45am

It's certainly been a little while since my last blog entry! Blame it on school and not me though. ;-; See we've had a lot of big things on recently and I have some very important exams soon.

So my topic for today is the NeoGallery, a recent addition to our Neoseeker. And my question to you is, do you check yours regularly to see who else has been in there? I seem to find myself looking every day just to check out who's been checking out my world.

On a personal level, I find being visited by all sorts of different people very interesting. It's one thing to see a name you know, another to see one you don't and an entirely different thing again when it's someone who makes you say "Wow, they really want to check out me?".

Perhaps I'm just nosy, or get far too curious for my own good. Perhaps you guys couldn't care less who checks out your pictures and photos. But if you do like me, perhaps share it here with me?

I think a visit from ar_cat has been my personal favourite.

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