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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 30, 09 5:04am

That's right, I'm saying you the reader do not appreciate technology as much as you should. I had this revelation today and felt I need to share it with you.

What am I using right now... well for those of you not peeking through my bedroom window at night, it's a laptop. It's only been around a couple of decades, but that's long enough for most of us to have spent a lifetime with one. Now what came before that, ah yes, it was the computer. It's a fact that the large majority of people have or have access to a computer. Now think about it for a second how we use the computer and the laptop without giving a second thought to it.

Last year when I took my trip down to the state of Victoria, I was without computer access for a week. It was interesting, showed me that life I always wondered about how some people just don't use them. But then I thought about it and how the computer hasn't exactly been around that long. I thought about how it used to take up an entire room and how the functions were extremely basic, just like a typewriter with a screen.

How much do we really appreciate this great advancement? Do you contemplate it when you press a button and receive the world at your fingertips? Do you take into account that by the use of some buttons, you can have a conversation with anyone online in the world?

What about the mobile phone? Now this is one I've reverted on, personally I never have my mobile phone on and see little to no use to it. But this is not true for everyone of course. You have that teenage girl who lays on the bed for five hours chatting about boys and pointless things while giggling so much you'd think she's on drugs, or the business man who rudely answers his phone during a lunch or while doing something with the family. These people live off the phone and they don't give a second thought to it. They cannot contemplate running home to see who's called and how many notes their partner or children had to write down for them. They don't need to hire people to sit in the office with a phone at hand, they have one in their own hand. Do these people know of the time when telephones weren't using buttons but a ring which was run around to the wanted number? The telegraph system? The messenger boy? Could you imagine the world now if we all had our own messenger boy!?

There is then of course our video games. We've found a way to substitute life into technology to meet our adapting needs, isn't that great? Of course it is! We love it, it's what we've always known. We can turn the power on and go to a world entirely different to our own. Again a recent development, there is no historical evidence to suggest a Caveman played Wii Sports in his spare time.

So what is this mad man rambling on about? What I'm trying to convey to you, like I pondered myself, is that we should take the time to sit back and enjoy technology rather than live it. Appreciate what we have, rather than complaining we don't have the next model up. Think about the rapidly evolving world of technology, how can you sit there and think nothing more of it than being one more tool when it is in fact a marvel of modern human development?

The iPod deserves a special mention though. My father came into my room tonight and pressed the play button, surprised to see it turn on. He then fiddled with it, me watching on intently afraid he'd break it, when he was trying his hardest to figure out how to use it properly. I said "Dad, you use that round pad there with your finger". He gave me a funny look but tried it, shouting "Wow cool!". To me it was simple and ordinary, a daily practice. To him it was something wondrous, not experienced before and something interesting.

So tonight when you're praying, watching pron on the net or reading a book... I want you to take a moment and say thank you for technology, it's a wonderful thing.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 26, 09 11:25pm

So how did everyone do? How did you feel? Any comments at all?

I won zip and feel very down about it... been waiting for a name change for over a year now. It's sort of funny to see someone who's already had one too, makes you feel it's unfair when they had their chance.

My sulking aside, come in and share your stories!

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 24, 09 7:03am

If there's one game which is underrated on the Wii which I would highly suggest you play, it's de Blob. I simply cannot stress how much fun it is. It's cute, it's addictive and it's something a bit out of the ordinary.

There's someone who can explain how good it is better than me though, which is me. Please, I beg you to read this review and if you're not convinced after that, I promise not to find out where you live and hunt you down. Though I can't believe someone would not be interested!

What I find interesting is that it caters to both types of people, so no complaining from you people who obsess over non casual games and insult the Wii for a lack thereof. It is casual in the sense it's very laid back in appearance, but it's an enjoyable atmosphere which can make your afternoon a lot more enjoyable than sitting on the edge of your couch shouting "*bleep* you zombie just fall down and die.. aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!11!1" when playing some action game. But then this game does also provide action, as you get to kill plenty of Inkies by squishing them to death into the ground. You also get to take on tanks, speed bikes, turrets and all sorts... still not convinced? If so, then I invite you to check out how challenging it actually is. Despite the laid back attitude, it does provide some good puzzles and challenges which do require you to think and put some proper effort into it.

If this is still not enough for you, then perhaps you're someone who likes funky colours? Someone who enjoys staring at a lava lamp for hours or standing like a fool in front of some neon light sign? If that's the case then again, you'll like this game. The main concept is to bring colour back to the world and you get to splash and mix it however you want. Yes painting may sound a bit dull but put it this way, a lot of you like Mario and he's a plumber. It's addictive as you paint the town red so to speak, with your screen pulling you in with the bright colours and the contrast with the bleak landscapes you're about to revive.

When it comes down to it, de Blob is an interesting game which doesn't receive due credit. Rent it out some time or borrow it from a friend, I promise you won't be disappointed. There's something for everyone, whether it be because you like a challenge, collecting things, unlocking bonus material, killing or just looking at bright colours. de Blob is something original, making good use of the Wii Remote and a good Wii game in general which deserves its time in the spotlight.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 20, 09 10:15pm

That's right, Uncle DA wants you to join GameGrep! It's one of the lesser known aspects of the Neoseeker community, so hopefully through this blog post perhaps I can manage to convince just one of you. If so, I'll be happy but make sure to tell me here so I know my self satisfaction is worthwhile!

GameGrep is the name of an extension of Neoseeker. It's a place where you'll find all the latest news about the Video Game Universe, pretty cool right? Ever wondered how you read those interesting pieces of news around the forums or found out a release date of the game you really want? I will bet you that 99% of the time with Neoseeker forums, they've come off GameGrep.

Now you're all familiar with NeoPoints, most of you will have contributed at least one thing since the start of your Neoseeker like. You will also know that once you get over 100, they display underneath your avatar. Quite a few people like to get just over 100 so they can have another thing displayed, but at least there's another 100 points worth of contributions to the site! Other people like me contribute a couple thousand or more, though you'll find most average around a couple of hundred. My point is that a lot of people do them and enjoy it.

Now if you've ever seen me posting around the forums, you would've noticed underneath my avatar the GameGrep points. Sadly this bit under the avatar is a whole lot more less common on Neoseeker, it just doesn't receive the attention it should. You'll also notice my GameGrep Points are around triple that of what my NeoPoints are. Does it mean they're easier to achieve? To some extent yes they are, is that an enticement for you?

Just by coming onto GameGrep and commenting, you're still contributing. In fact you can get +1 or +2 points, depending on some factors, every time you comment on a piece of news! So just by coming on and commenting, you can get that extra line displayed under your avatar.

What I really want to encourage though is posting bits of news. Now the set up isn't too different on GameGrep, actually this blog posting system contains some similar elements so you won't find yourself overly lost. There are lots of news sites around, so picking one won't be too difficult! Just post one bit of news a day, I promise it's worth it. You can make from I believe 3 points to around 10 just from posting one piece of news! But please remember it can only be around 2-3 days old!

Then this isn't considering bonus points. GameGrep articles get ratings, determined by a couple of different things. Anyway, reaching certain levels means certain boosts in points. If you can do an interesting article, like my recent one about Characters sharing the same voice actor then you can rack up the points really fast! For that one I got some of the different milestones and my most recent one for it was a rating of 300 gaining me 20 points! In fact just by itself that article has easily made me around 60 points! Told you it was easy.

You also don't want to forget alternative sources as well. If you see a piece of news and you found it covered again on a different site not listed in the source of the article or in the alternate articles bit then add it on! You get +1 points so yes it's small but it all adds up.

Now if you become a GameGrep regular, you'll be likely to experience something really cool at one stage which contributing NeoPoints doesn't have the same ability to give. I myself have had one such experience.

Back in November I posted an article called Master Sword Becomes Reality! which is a really sweet article about this dad named Jerry Bennett who made a real life Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series for her. Now look at the ratings, I believe it's the highest rated article ever on the site. This is fairly easy to explain.

Being popular it of course received a lot of viewers, getting quite a few rates. Then I googled the title, it was linked to on a couple of different sites as well. See you have to remember that the gaming news industry is like a spider web, we're all connected in some way or another. So people are just as likely to be linking to your articles as you are to theirs.

Now all the points I made off that aren't what I enjoyed, though they were certainly welcome. What really made me smile was when I signed on one day to find a PM from Jerry. That's right, he'd tracked down my article! He said thank you to me for covering it and was really happy about it. So by contributing to GameGrep, you can also help people of the bigger community. He also went on to talk in the article with the members leading to some interesting discussion, he certainly gained some quick popularity with the members. Yes I was a bit embarrassed when he asked how to pronounce Dark Arcanine, but hey we can't have everything now can we? I got to meet a proper sword maker and get thanked for covering their work, what more could I want?

I'm also a GameGrep Approver now. You could look at it as the CRS Team of GameGrep, with CRS covering the contributions to Neoseeker for NeoPoints if you didn't know already. It's an enjoyable job and something to hope you can aspire to.

So what is my short and simple point I'm trying to make? A lot of people on Neoseeker contribute for NeoPoints and help the site and community. What I'd like to suggest is maybe try GameGrep out some time. You'll get more points to display under your avatar, you'll get to meet interesting people and read interesting things and most of all, you'll be helping the community.

So hopefully I've reached at least one blogger, if so my mission has been a success. And if you are/not interested, just remember that you can spread the word and let your friends know too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions just ask them here or send me a PM. I'm happy to tutor you if you like or answer as many questions as needed to get yourself going.

Oh and forgot to mention! A lot of you have been enjoying the Neoseeker Contests lately. Well watch out, because there's regular GameGrep contests too!

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 20, 09 9:39pm

Well last night I made that blog about how I'm excited about this Neo Raffle. I checked in this morning and oh no, someone's already beaten my bid for the name change.

Supposedly they can afford a name change, so must have alternate accounts. Well that's how the cookie crumbles, can't say I'm not a bit disappointed though. It makes you wonder how spamming Diamond Clans makes you more deserving than being a Moderator, GameGrep Approver and CRS Member doesn't it?

But still, it's all to do with luck and chance. I still want to kick myself though, because of the limits. If there hadn't been a cap on NeoPoints and GameGrep Points I would've been a lot better off and vastly less likely to lose. And yes, I do now want to kick myself for not buying tickets instead.

Anyway enough about this rant, what else has happened since last night? I found some old photos, I'll probably stick them in a blog post or Loungin' or something. Oh and tomorrow I'm going round my cousin's place to play around with our guitars. Only thing is he has like twenty more than I do!

To finish, I still hope everyone wins lots of nice things in the Neo Raffle. If I'd put all my points into just the bid I likely would've won. But yeah everyone have fun and I'm now going to go mope while I stay named Dark Arcanine.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 20, 09 7:02am

I'm sure all of you know what it is, if you don't then you don't come on Neoseeker enough! The Neo Raffle's now up and people are slowly posting after contemplating how to spend their points.

I found myself with over 17000 points. Due in thanks to around 3100 from posts and 2000 from NeoPoints and GameGrep Points respectively. I thought that was great and would make it really easy and would win lots, I feel that's not the case.

I ended up only going for a couple of items and trying to determine which would be most popular to make the right amounts. I ended up going for a shirt, Shana's hair, Chad's profile and the name change offered by tekmosis in bidding.

I always wanted a Neo shirt, I'd love to parade it around wherever I go so it was the first thing I decided on. I passed over the name change 'cause I knew a lot of people would buy tickets. Then I saw Shana's hair and autograph offer. She has the most gorgeous hair and I would like her autograph so I went for that. Then my mate Chad's name popped up so I saw no harm in getting a couple of tickets. Then I noticed in auctions the name change from tekmosis. I figured why not and splashed out a lot of points on it to finish up. I've wanted one for a while now and would love one after winning the last one for a friend rather than myself.

I liked reading everything up for offer and who from. I want to give a special mention to tekmosis though who not only offered some cool stuff but quite a few things as well. Then some other people offered a large amount like Harvest Moon Girl and ZL.

So anyway, I'd love to hear what everyone's thoughts are concerning the raffle including what you want to win and anything of interest really. Hopefully I'll manage to win something and you will too.

Best of luck everyone.
Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 17, 09 5:55pm

By god, isn't it just!? Yesterday tekmosis announced I won the Castlevania Wiki Contest. I'm chuffed to say the least.

It's nice getting awesome stuff, everyone likes that right? It'll be fun to return home one day and shout "OMFG PACKAGE!!!". In fact I haven't received any mail directly through my name in years so that's nice in itself.

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't enter more of them really, but I had a lot more work a while back which greatly put me off. I did send in for that Sins of a Solar Empire game but was unlucky sadly.

The funny thing is I plan to continue working on the Wiki despite the contest being over. I came to find it an interesting one to work with so might as well. It's got plenty of work to do still as well so no doubt I'll be satisfied for a long time.

Well anyway, I'll keep you guys up to date by making another blog post when the package arrives with some photos of the stuff. For now you can.... post some congratulations 'cause I got none. ;-;

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Jan 5, 09 7:48am

For those of you who don't watch fantastic movies, the title is in reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure which is about two most excellent rockers on on their quest to find historical figures by traveling through time so they can pass their history exam. This is followed by Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey where they have to defeat the Grim Reaper, escape Hell and save the world along with their two babes.

Now you're asking yourselves, why is this person going on about movies which are as old and older than him? My answer would be, I first watched these at a young age and several times consecutively. These two movies were rather influential and are musically themed, which leads me to my theme of this blog.

And no before you ask, it's not about the fact I'd go gay for the dark haired one. I wanted to blog about my musical influences and how my taste has developed over time. I don't use the term change suggests moving from Object A to Object B due to a change it's no longer Object A, when in fact it's merely a development of Object A.

Before I do start, however, let me say a few things. I wear black clothing a lot, I used to have a long emo hair style, I have an expensive guitar I often sleep with and you won't see me without my black iPod and black headphones. Now to an outsider, they'd get the impression my musical taste is rather narrow, but that's far from the truth.

My excellent adventure started like many do, with parents. My dad, despite our poor relationship, has been quite influential in my life. As a young child he would have me constantly listening to Hard Rock. In fact by the age of three I was already singing along to bands like Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi. My musical library was dictated by my home listening and I knew little else.

Around the age of 7-8 my primary school in England held a disco. I went with my best friend Lana who I'd always crushed on. I can't remember much, but I do remember that it was my first taste of pop music. Though a lot of modern pop majorly sucks, along with me wanting to say several swear words, pop in the 90's was fantastic. It was actually catchy, enjoyable and the lyrics weren't constantly about some ho sleeping around and getting her heart broken.

My next major milestone appeared along the road around the age of thirteen. I'm now in high school, I've long lost contact with my old friends and crush... oh, and I now live in Australia. I met my new best friend Alex, more well known as Zanda. He introduced me to Weird Al and the idea of parodies in the music world. At that age, comedy means a great deal as you strive to socialise and stay happy given the new major obstacles. I also looked into other artists such as Outkast and Black Eyed Peas... oh, and Eminem.

Next on the journey is the year 2007, when I turned sixteen. I received my iPod, I was over the moon. Curiously my long lost crush sent a letter this year pouring her heart out. I replied but I never received one in return. Anyway, I began looking for music to put on it. My dad bought me an album of Aerosmith, igniting my passion for rock again. I added in all those childhood bands and more. Notable names including Whitesnake, Oasis, Poison and Black Sabbath. I would sit there cheerfully, feeling rather hardcore at my anti political music. Little did I know that my next social group would change me forever.

I met my two new best friends a little before the receiving of the iPod and quite frankly, found my music to be too unexciting for their tastes. Trying to introduce me to their stuff they continued to fail until they found one genre, Power Metal in early 2008. I fell in love with it, my first and always will be favourite band being DragonForce which will always be the biggest factor in my musical tastes ever. They were followed by Pyramaze, but I found myself wanting faster and harder music.

Then they managed to get me into a Heavy Metal band called Trivium. Now my musical tastes were really put to the test. I found myself liking bands such as Bullet for my Valentine and I haven't looked back since.

My tastes progressively got heavier, leading me into more obscure genres such as Blackened Death Metal, Tech Death and Extreme Metal. This lead me to such bands as Cradle of Filth, Sylosis and Parkway Drive.

This isn't to say I forgot my home, Power Metal... just found it mixed with other genres. This means bands like underground Agathodaimon, which is a sort of fuse between Power Metal and Blackened Death Metal. Then more normal Power Metal like Altaria and Symphony X, along with unknown bands like Thunderstone.

Then most recently, I've just been looking into anything that tickles my fancy. This includes extremely obscure Equilibrium, which is Blackened Folk Metal. Or Biffy Clyro, back to rock again!

Anyway, to get to my point, my musical tastes have become a lot more diverse in the last ten years. Though I still listen to all of it. I like and appreciate a large variety of genres and bands. A sub point to this would be you don't need to chuck out the old to let in the new.

So I hope you enjoyed the excellent adventure, the memories and the videos. No doubt I will blog about certain bands in the future but for now, I urge you all to go out there and try to expand your own musical tastes. You'll be so much better for it I promise.

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