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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 30, 08 5:48am

This will definitely be the last you hear out of me in terms of Christmas, except when next year comes around. Although in terms of Christmas spirit the day was just as disappointing as I'd expected, the present haul was pretty decent.

I then, through this, made a new discovery about the whole age rant I did in my first blog entry. Getting older leads to better presents from relatives, either that or I was very lucky. Rather than some cheap toy, I got some liqueur chocolates. Instead of some bad book, I received a $50 note. Instead of cheap little things, I was getting decent big things. So yes perhaps I got lucky, but I think it had something to do with maturing... not complaining!

My Christmas at home was also great too. I mean of course there was the compulsory clothing items, but they turned out to be wanted this year. I got these $100 pair of jeans which are black and tight, talk about sexy (I'll get pic up at some point). My two best friends kept calling them "the emo pants" and I only realised after a while what they meant, with the whole guys wearing smaller women's clothes thing. I said we could settle on the name "the semi emo pants" because yes they're tight but they came from the men section. There was then a new pair of swimming stuff, pajamas and a shirt so all good and no dreaded socks/underwear for a change.

Then there was the CD side of things, which proved more than welcome this year. I currently have a really awesome cousin called Danielle staying over from England and this was her first Christmas in summer (and is like seven years older if you're wondering). She bought me a couple of things, yay for being the old favourite cousin of yonder year, but my favourite had to be the Iron Maiden album. They're a good band so I was pleased, despite it not being something I'm more into but I guess it pays to stick to what you know. Especially since her comments toward my music include "wow this is fast, are they on speed?" or "this is far too heavy for my liking". Which is actually very funny, but I'll blog about music another day.

Following this, I received three movies from my parents. One is something from my childhood, the other two being movies I kept whining on about wanting to make them watch. The childhood one is Bill and Ted, don't know if you guys have seen it but I feel so sorry for you if you haven't seen either of the movies. The two movies I was worshiping were V for Vendetta and Gabriel. The first is an excellent tale of a dystopian England and the second is about the battle between the arch angels and the fallen in purgatory for control of the dead souls. The second one is an Australian movie with a low budget, and I will tell you now it's the only good movie ever to be affiliated with this country.

Then came my big present, my Wii! I haven't played with it too much yet but I do have another five weeks off school yet. I was worried about what I'd be like with the Wii Remote and nun chuck but I found myself doing pretty well. I like the features I've encountered so far and I honestly don't see why people are so rude about Nintendo's latest console. I played around with my friend's PS3 and it seemed just like the PS2 so I wasn't impressed.

With the Wii I got four games in total. These are Wii Sports, Wii Music, de Blob and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There is quite a decent list of what I'd like to buy for it, top of it next would probably be Mario Kart Wii. Out of the four games I do have, de Blob is my favourite. No doubt a lot of Brawl fans will be raging at me for saying that, but I just can't help myself. In fact I loved it so much, I wrote a review for it.

The presents then got me thinking, I have to blog this to Neoseeker to share it with you guys. Then came the conundrum of putting my images up in this blog. At first I figured I'd use Photobucket but it wouldn't upload (and I figured out there's some security program newly installed on here being... well a tool in more than one sense) and so I decided to use the recent addition of the NeoGallery. I figured I might as well, why use somewhere else when I can use a spanking brand new feature on my favourite site? I've not done much yet but I applaud the uploading speed, from what I see it's a similar setup to the FanArt section which is interesting and works well. So all together, I've uploaded four photos for you. In order they are the Wii, the games for it, the movies and the album. So check out the photos below and feel free to comment here or PM me about something you found interesting, my friends in real life are useless when it comes to Christmas discussion. ;.;

P.S. Yes my family has a thing for wood, especially myself. :O

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 8, 08 6:46am

Yes, I recently read the blog entry (as usual) by my good friend Angie. While attempting to be comforting as she mentioned something about squidgy cheeks, I realised that I too have an oral tale to tell.

A couple of months back, I had the honour of finding out I might need braces. I thought fantastic, most people don't do braces. I managed to make myself feel better over time by reassuring myself that light blue braces would look incredibly sexy on me.

An x-ray later on revealed this wouldn't be my path, yet. They said I needed some teeth out, the baby ones having stayed in forever. I asked how many? The reply was eight.

The idea was to do two visits, ended up being the one. No gas, just a load of needles. The needle was darn big, no exaggeration. It made shots and blood sampling needles look tiny in comparison. It took a couple of hours before he finished, thankful I hadn't given him a mouthful like he just gave to me. I was left with a bleeding mouth for several hours, eating meals was terrible for weeks.

Good news? No more need for braces, or 99% sure anyway. It's all straightening out nicely, not to mention chicks dig gaps in teeth... yes, I tell myself that as well.

I didn't get cheeks like Angie though, so no smexy puffy pics for you... for now...

Anyway, enjoy the pics of the teeth!

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Dec 3, 08 4:18am

I figured I could start with Christmas, it does seem to be the topic of the month after all. Christmas for a lot of people is happiness. It's a time of giving, receiving and keeping a tally to make sure it's more of the first than the second.

Last year I found myself disappointed. I found that age has covered the Christmas spirit in a damp cloth, from which I'm receiving less and less until it dries up. Sure I still really get into Christmas. My house is covered in lights, the tree looks like a woman from a Port Kembla street and my room is done out with all the works.

All this still does not satisfy my hunger, as I find myself in a life which is slowly depreciating. The transition from childhood to adulthood is not one of merely physical change, as we as children always imagined. No doubt when you were younger you wanted to grow up to see an M15+ movie (though does that stop us sneaking in?) or getting to go on the big people's rides at a fun park. Then you get there, you suddenly realise there's a lot of mental and emotional baggage with it.

I no longer enjoy the celebrations I once did and then you suddenly gain a greater appreciation of what you never noticed before. As a child you never realise your parents more or less go without on Christmas, they buy each other a few small things and spend all their money on their children. This year my presents won't tally past five. I don't mind, they're things I want but it's not the same as when you're a kid and spend those first couple of hours ripping through the wrapping paper with twinkling eyes. The magic of Santa has long gone, now the idea of Christmas with the jolly fat man. When you're older you know all your presents, whether it's by choice or making the choice for them. There's no mystery and therefore no fun.

It's a similar thing with birthdays, I personally have always been quite saddened by them. My parents never have a party, it's a shock if they have a cake and a couple of presents. As a child they tried to make it the best time of my life. One year I remember my dad spent months constructing things from wood like swords and a boat to give me a pirate themed party. There was a treasure hunt, a walk-the-plank game and all sorts of little things that stimulate someone. The last two years I've not had a party, though this is deviating from the subject because the reason is no one came. My point is that what was organised was merely a small thing with some friends to a pizza place or bowling, it's not fun or imaginative like it used to be.

Or perhaps I muse too much? I know I still enjoy Easter, but can you really say chocolate has a depreciating value? A lot of people say that things like Christmas are ruined by commercialism, I believe they're ruined by age.

No doubt I will soon have another transition stage. I will begin going on parties to drink and not give a care to the world. I will settle down with my own family, give my kids the time of their life.

A little depressing? Sorry, but I'm like that a lot. Now what I plan to do with this blog you might enjoy a bit more. I feel that I'll use this now and then for just shooting blanks, to know that people are feeling what I am. At other times it'll hopefully have interesting thoughts such as views on feminism or backwards evolution.

Sadly today is a bad day, so I apologise for the somewhat gloomy outlook though if I've made just one person think then it is still entirely worth it. Yes the thoughts were of negative connotations, but perhaps they brought up one or more valid points for you.

Perhaps I should finish this first ever blog entry off with a little introduction. My name is Richard (please call me Richie) and I'm a 17 year old male. I live in New South Wales, Australia but my original birth place was a small town called Southampton in England. I plan to do journalism once I graduate and try out for University. Hopefully this is a viable option given my subjects. Speaking of which, my favourite subject is English. I'm currently taking Advanced English, Extension English and Extension English 2. In terms of journalism credentials I feel these are nicely complemented by Modern History, Economics and Business Studies. I am very much a music person, see me without my iPod around and you're probably in my shower because it's in as I speak... no I'm not in the shower right now thank you. I don't just listen but play, having a very beautiful $1200 guitar so I promise to take some proper pics some time. I'm self taught, having taken some lessons on and off. Perhaps I'll bore you with my hobbies some over time, I mean who wants to hear about a guy who likes to talk a walk along a beach at sunset right?

So this is my first ever entry, I'll try not to make all of them so long in the future but it's not something I can confidently promise. I hope this one hasn't but you off too much, it's more or less been a means of helping myself mentally. Anyway, I'd better get back to my Modern History assessment task so I can get into that journalism stuff later on so catch you next time.