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May 12, 11 7:15pm

Vanquish Review by Monterey Jack

With a second win in-a-row, Monterey Jack has taken out the twenty-sixth round with his review of Vanquish. Despite describing it as having a poor plot, small campaign and an absent multiplayer (if you're insistent on that sort of thing), overall he describes it as a good game with gameplay, visual and audio elements combining to make an engaging title that breaks away a little from the typical mould.

 Vanquish     Score: 4.3/5
 Genre: Action Shooter

 Vanquish is a pretty good game with a pretty shitty story.

quote Monterey Jack
So yeah, Vanquish pretty much kicks ass. No need to really pussyfoot around the obvious with this game, mostly because it never pussyfoots around during gameplay. It never gives you anything more than scenarios where you have to shoot down a bunch of robots, perhaps except quick time events, but they're not overdone or bullshit, so they're not worth expanding on. Anyway, if you haven't already got this game, shit, I'll go and convince you to go and get it.

Basically, Russia attacks San Francisco with powerful advanced technologies, and now it's up to Sam Gideon's badass new ARS suit and some American soldiers to take Russia down before it's too late - whether that refers to America's unconditional surrender or the takeover/destruction of Ameirca, that's up to both sides. That's all there is to it - cutscenes either just go along the lines of "aww shit, more *bleep*ing things shooting at us" or is basically Sam destroying some big robot. I mean, they try to cram in some other shit, but it's so thinly spread that it doesn't even matter. Then again, a shooter is like toast, and the story is like vegimite - spread it thinly, or it'll taste like shit.
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