Dark Arcanine blogged
Jul 15, 09 2:57am

A Holiday to Remember?

So guys, hope people actually bother to read my blog... which I don't think so for some reason... anyway point is this is a general note and entry so that everyone knows I'm going on a holiday for a week.

Where to you ask? The state above me funnily enough, Queensland. Essentially like where I live but amazingly it has even more Asians, more sand, more freaky deaky weather and probably not enough tea to satisfy me.

So anyway, I pretty much dislike national holidays. There's normally one thing which redeems it, while I spend the rest of it being overly analytical. In contrast, I can't wait to go to England for six weeks.

Getting to the point, what is going to make this one survivable? Well, my dad's boss gave us $1700 spending money for the week. So as long as I get money splashed on me each day, I should be content enough not to destroy the fun of the other lesser thinking members of my family.

$10 says I start before I get off the plane though.

So yeah, negative blog from me. :( Pretty down that Revocation's new album isn't due until October and the song I heard from it is pretty sweet which is annoying.

Oh, and expect a review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the Gamecube when I get back.

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RHJ44 Jul 14, 09
Have fun in England!
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Gliscor19 Jul 15, 09
hope you enjoy yourself! and have fun!
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Kid Icarus Jul 22, 09
Actually, walking through the supermarket at the Gold Coast, you realise that unless you're Asian, there pretty much are no Asians there.
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ShinyMilotic Jul 24, 09
All the Asians are in the city.