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Jan 20, 09 10:15pm

You Should Join GameGrep

That's right, Uncle DA wants you to join GameGrep! It's one of the lesser known aspects of the Neoseeker community, so hopefully through this blog post perhaps I can manage to convince just one of you. If so, I'll be happy but make sure to tell me here so I know my self satisfaction is worthwhile!

GameGrep is the name of an extension of Neoseeker. It's a place where you'll find all the latest news about the Video Game Universe, pretty cool right? Ever wondered how you read those interesting pieces of news around the forums or found out a release date of the game you really want? I will bet you that 99% of the time with Neoseeker forums, they've come off GameGrep.

Now you're all familiar with NeoPoints, most of you will have contributed at least one thing since the start of your Neoseeker like. You will also know that once you get over 100, they display underneath your avatar. Quite a few people like to get just over 100 so they can have another thing displayed, but at least there's another 100 points worth of contributions to the site! Other people like me contribute a couple thousand or more, though you'll find most average around a couple of hundred. My point is that a lot of people do them and enjoy it.

Now if you've ever seen me posting around the forums, you would've noticed underneath my avatar the GameGrep points. Sadly this bit under the avatar is a whole lot more less common on Neoseeker, it just doesn't receive the attention it should. You'll also notice my GameGrep Points are around triple that of what my NeoPoints are. Does it mean they're easier to achieve? To some extent yes they are, is that an enticement for you?

Just by coming onto GameGrep and commenting, you're still contributing. In fact you can get +1 or +2 points, depending on some factors, every time you comment on a piece of news! So just by coming on and commenting, you can get that extra line displayed under your avatar.

What I really want to encourage though is posting bits of news. Now the set up isn't too different on GameGrep, actually this blog posting system contains some similar elements so you won't find yourself overly lost. There are lots of news sites around, so picking one won't be too difficult! Just post one bit of news a day, I promise it's worth it. You can make from I believe 3 points to around 10 just from posting one piece of news! But please remember it can only be around 2-3 days old!

Then this isn't considering bonus points. GameGrep articles get ratings, determined by a couple of different things. Anyway, reaching certain levels means certain boosts in points. If you can do an interesting article, like my recent one about Characters sharing the same voice actor then you can rack up the points really fast! For that one I got some of the different milestones and my most recent one for it was a rating of 300 gaining me 20 points! In fact just by itself that article has easily made me around 60 points! Told you it was easy.

You also don't want to forget alternative sources as well. If you see a piece of news and you found it covered again on a different site not listed in the source of the article or in the alternate articles bit then add it on! You get +1 points so yes it's small but it all adds up.

Now if you become a GameGrep regular, you'll be likely to experience something really cool at one stage which contributing NeoPoints doesn't have the same ability to give. I myself have had one such experience.

Back in November I posted an article called Master Sword Becomes Reality! which is a really sweet article about this dad named Jerry Bennett who made a real life Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series for her. Now look at the ratings, I believe it's the highest rated article ever on the site. This is fairly easy to explain.

Being popular it of course received a lot of viewers, getting quite a few rates. Then I googled the title, it was linked to on a couple of different sites as well. See you have to remember that the gaming news industry is like a spider web, we're all connected in some way or another. So people are just as likely to be linking to your articles as you are to theirs.

Now all the points I made off that aren't what I enjoyed, though they were certainly welcome. What really made me smile was when I signed on one day to find a PM from Jerry. That's right, he'd tracked down my article! He said thank you to me for covering it and was really happy about it. So by contributing to GameGrep, you can also help people of the bigger community. He also went on to talk in the article with the members leading to some interesting discussion, he certainly gained some quick popularity with the members. Yes I was a bit embarrassed when he asked how to pronounce Dark Arcanine, but hey we can't have everything now can we? I got to meet a proper sword maker and get thanked for covering their work, what more could I want?

I'm also a GameGrep Approver now. You could look at it as the CRS Team of GameGrep, with CRS covering the contributions to Neoseeker for NeoPoints if you didn't know already. It's an enjoyable job and something to hope you can aspire to.

So what is my short and simple point I'm trying to make? A lot of people on Neoseeker contribute for NeoPoints and help the site and community. What I'd like to suggest is maybe try GameGrep out some time. You'll get more points to display under your avatar, you'll get to meet interesting people and read interesting things and most of all, you'll be helping the community.

So hopefully I've reached at least one blogger, if so my mission has been a success. And if you are/not interested, just remember that you can spread the word and let your friends know too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions just ask them here or send me a PM. I'm happy to tutor you if you like or answer as many questions as needed to get yourself going.

Oh and forgot to mention! A lot of you have been enjoying the Neoseeker Contests lately. Well watch out, because there's regular GameGrep contests too!

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Responses (10)

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Symphonic Abyss Jan 20, 09

Yeah, I used to do GG on my old account, and I might start once more.
1 thumbs!
tekmosis Jan 20, 09
GG is mah bebe I <3 it.
Participation = free cookie from myself.
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Xenctuary Jan 21, 09
Nice post Dark Arcanine. Everyone go to GameGrep!
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Symphonic Abyss Jan 21, 09
I get free cookie then Tek. NAO!
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Nagare Jan 21, 09
Every time I try to start back up with my greppin' I get a load of homework and forget about.

Disagree with release dates though I have never used GG for them.
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kspiess Jan 21, 09
Thanks for the great post dude.
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bobbonew Jan 22, 09
Sad to say but if neo gave GameGrep Contributor tags you would see a HUGE influx of contributors. DO IT!!!
0 thumbs!
Dark Arcanine Jan 22, 09
That's what I reckon too. Nothing ever came of the tags suggestion though.
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Nagare Jan 23, 09
Agreed...I mean that is why you are contributing to the Diablo wiki amirite?
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kik36 Jan 22, 09
Gamegrep is my second home.....I even won October's contest!! GO ME!!!
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