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Fallout: New Vegas Review by Machienzo

The sixteenth round saw someone who isn't a regular reviewer come in with a hefty challenge and take out the win. Writing a review which measures on the longer side, Machienzo has achieved victory with his review for Fallout: New Vegas. Describing it as a step in the right direction and back towards Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, he praises it for the improvement of storyline and gameplay mechanics, the great attention to audio and a high level of replayability. Though sadly, the game does suffer quite noticeably from bugs.

 Fallout: New Vegas     Score: 4.3/5
 Genre: Sci-Fi RPG

 It needs to be said, that contrary to popular belief, New Vegas stands as its own. Despite the numerous connections and comparisons made between both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the game has been specifically defined as a Spin-Off and NOT a sequel.

quote Machienzo
The game starts off within the setting of Nevada, more specifically the Mojave Wasteland, in the year 2281, 4 years after the events of Fallout 3, and 204 years after the great war of 2077. As such, it revolves around a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, and focuses on many central themes to the series such as greed and war. The player controls a character known as “The Courier”, who themselves are developed directly by how the player chooses to proceed throughout the game. Everything from their gender, personality, skills and general socialisation is controlled by the player.

The story starts off with attempted assassination of The Courier, and the theft of an important package he was carrying which was meant to be delivered. The game begins with being buried alive after being ambushed by a gang, accompanied by a particularly dressed man. Afterwards, The Courier is dug up by a friendly robot called Victor, and nursed back to health by a small-town Doctor. From then on, they are left to set out into the wide world of the Mojave, and given the freedom to make critical story moral choices which will affect how the game and world develops.
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