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Sep 19, 09 4:10am

Reality Comedy, You LOVE It

Well, obviously there is a lot of types of comedy and everyone is different in their tastes. Lately though, there has been quite a large trend and therefore following of reality comedy. Especially when taking it to a point of controversy, it's almost as juicy to the audience as which celebrity just gave birth. It creates the "ooohs" and "omg!" of the comedy business.

Recently, there's been some hype from certain news reporters who think that this sort of stuff is going too far. My question is, at what point does comedy cross the line? It's not like these people are doing something super illegal, they're just making a laugh out of serious issues. I for one find this stuff really funny but then again, not everyone is me.

Also of recent, has been a lean in the trend down the specific path of terrorism. As it's an increasingly reported aspect of life, it seems almost natural for these comedians to jump on it and have a go. There is a YouTube series of some guys in England who do a reality take on what it'd be like to be living in England as terrorists. What can I say, other than the fact I watched an episode and it was pretty darn funny and interesting. Similarly, the show Double Take just yesterday aired a show with a musical video to the tune of Eye of the Tiger making a mockery of Al Qaeda.

Now people act like this is a huge deal, though I tend to disagree. Just because these people are causing problems, does it mean they don't have a sense of humour? Perhaps it's just a really dark sense of humour, or perhaps the exact same as you and I. I can't answer such things but at the end of the day, everyone loves a good laugh. Whether it causes controversy or not, if comedy achieves it's goal of being funny then don't bother complaining!

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