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Sep 9, 09 3:39am

Behemoth will save me...

I pose the question, what is more of a bother. Spending a day of social isolation at school, or coming home and spending the night bored as your father insists on listening to old music, in his pajamas with socks on, picking up your $1200 guitar and treating it like it cost a fiver. I personally cannot pick between, although at least the school day was quiet.

In relation to the title, many people know that Behemoth released their new album Evangelion recently. So far, I've got around 360 plays for the album (songwise not full album!) which is still a fair amount for a short period of time. Anyway, not quite sure why I'm even mentioning that, though I do recommend giving it a listen.

Lately my love for the Harry Potter series has been rekindled. Whether it's in opposition to my little sister's obsession with the atrocity that is Twilight, or my general love of reading, I've yet to decide. Either way, reading through the series is proving a nice thing to do from 11 to 12 each night. In fact I've started to review them and so far I've reviewed the last two (yeah I know, nice order there Richie) but at least I'm reviewing the original next.

Not much else to say for now, except that this Friday it's my birthday and am turning eighteen. Although I don't have any control over the party, as is already proven by the fact my sister is having more friends over than me.... where is the fairness in that? My response was "it's our house and she can invite whoever she wants". It makes you wonder sometimes, if their claims of "it's always you wanting" are actually true, or if they're hugely hypocritical and just use the "I'm an adult" argument to get away with a lack of intelligence. Either way, I'm interested to see their new poorly constructed rebuttals after Friday.

So yeah it's a negative, sorry. Well for now, watch out in case I make another blog entry after the two vodka bottles I have stored for Saturday on top of whatever else is brought... no doubt it'll be humorously lighter.

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RabidChinaGirl Sep 9, 09
I don't get what's up with the return of vampires. They were really hot back when Anne Rice was super popular; to be fair, I think some writers like herself did a good job with the genre. I walk into a bookstore today and see display shelves full of recent teenage filth, all featuring vampires or something of the like. When I flip through them, I can feel my brain melting in my skull (I know people who do enjoy Twilight).

Guess they really don't make anything like they used to, including vampire books.
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Dark Arcanine Sep 9, 09
They most certainly do not. As far as I'm concerned they're not even vampires, they're just American teenagers with fangs.