A friend and I signed up too. We loved the mechwarrior games, so this was like an instant signup.

The game looks... read more

And if you own it on the PC.. can you play it on the Xbox too? I already suppose not, but that'd be nice. read more

I remember this, It was one of my favorite sonic games.. besides Sonic and Knuckles.. read more

I'll probably be able to run it at mid low, got a dual core, an Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB, and 2GB's of RAM read more

It's on steam too, by the way. Downloading now.

EDIT: Played it, and Loved it, definitely getting the full version.... read more

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Oh my god, I MUST have the sequel. I Spent countless days playing the first game because I loved it so much. (Yeah,... read more

Why are they trying to make this work if they already have a Wii successor coming along?

I doubt this idea will... read more

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Looks insane. It also looks like it could be a good PC game as well. If it were, I'd definately get it. read more

Ahaha, I saw this the other day, too.

FineLeatherJackets is awesome at this sort of stuff. read more