Saw ur respons to sm1 3yrs ago on tha heiroglyphics in tha game... Am stuk on tha part.. Cld u send me tha symbols on that part so I punch in and proceed f u stil hv or recall them. Wld rily apreciat. Thnkx.

Gogandatess rocks, and so does the Tenchu series. U rock because u named urself Dantess! Keep postin' in the Tenchu forums, and look forward to Tenchu 4 on Wii, its gonna be good.

Seya around the Forums-
-=Order 66=-EVERY Single Jedi is now an ENEMY of the Republic!!!
Gogan Dantess, huh?

Ninja too?

Ri-i-i-ight, yeah um, don't quit your day job.

BTW...You've been StAmPeD