My names Is Dantess26, but you might aswell call me Dantess for short!

Gaming is my life. I live games, breathe games and sleep games (and eat and drink them too, for good measure!). Been playing them since i can remember, and have put so many hours of them into my young life!

I'm on my way to becoming a game designer. I studied Games Development at College, and am now at University studying Games Design. I use Unreal Dev Kit, 3DS Max and have experience using Blender software. (A bit of photoshop here and there too).

My passion is gaming and making games. I'm typically a story writing enthusiast and love a good storyline within a video game, but i'm interested in ALL things design. If you haven't figured it out by now- Games are my passion.

Thanks to:

> Big Bear (For putting up with me for hours on end, and helping me through some of the toughest games, and having a laugh on others!)

> Will (Even though you should be thanking me for fixing your PSP!)

> Tom (For frying my bacon and cooking me in the Death Bowl!)

> everyone who has helped me or chatted with me in the forums (Especially those in the Tenchu threads, Twisted Metal threads, God of War threads, Oni threads, Dynasty warriors threads and MGS threads- You know who you are).


My favourite games series are:
> Metal Gear Solid
> Tenchu
> Onimusha
> Legacy of Kain
> Assassin's Creed
> Infamous
> Uncharted
> Grand Theft Auto
> God of War
> Killzone
> Dynasty warriors
> Guitar Hero
> Just Cause
> Devil may cry
> Final Fantasy
> Bioshock
> Burnout
> Shinobi
> Classic Sonic games
> WWE games (lol)


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