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May 10, 15 6:15pm

Sheesh, I'm glad I put my pre-order in.... now where's my pre-order slip again?

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Feb 22, 15 7:13pm

I know there's a lot of speculation about Bray's current run of promos, foremost of which is that he's referring

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May 06, 14 7:18pm

As a long time Dynasty Warriors fan, I really enjoyed DW7. Felt like a return to form. I usually take breaks from DW and n

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Aug 26, 11 12:45pm

Looks like Twisted Metal's delay won't last very long: in a video message, Eat Sleep Play...

Apr 15, 11 5:03pm
"All the earth is silent, The universe has shifted, As the curse of death is lifted"
Feb 11, 11 12:57am
"Hey! I have a Wife and kids to feed!" Meng Huo, DW6E.
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