Currently enrolled in college. Into the whole RTS thing but not too much. Starcraft and Company of Heroes left a mark. Obviously am a gamer. FPS, have become too generic and glad to have bumped into a game like Team Fort 2.

Personally I like to Travel a lot. No I don't mean like 87% of Americans do, within the united states of America. Outside of it. So far been to Mexico, Boriken, Dominican Republic, and Canada. Planning a trip to Cuba or France this year.

I do much in my community to fight gentrification. A huge misconception that people have towards gentrification is that it can only be manifested by one type of ethnicity. Not true. It is true that it can always be done by The Rich. At the expense of eliminating certain group of people who help build the foundation of that community. Ergo an attack on Culture.

My two cents.

My Wii Code - (2764-2040-5541-5350)


Smash Brothers Brawl, Starcraft 2, COH.

Play Soccer and Football as well.


Revolution is Among us!

FC: 3866-7649-9695 sMASH bROS

My Wii Code - (2764-2040-5541-5350)

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