You know it's not good when you get a small little box for your biography and can't even fill it out! haha

Well, I've pretty much just been at school and am in the process of going through university doing an Astrophysics degree - cool huh? Otherwise, I have no 'major' achievements in my life, although I did reach level 50 at Halo 3 if that counts? (cries)


I'm interested in quite a few things, obviously pokemon ranks up there as much as I hate to say it! I do like video games a fair bit, mainly RPGs (not MMORPGs though), FPSs (like Timesplitters and Halo) and to a lesser extent driving games (I was great at PGR3. In fact I actually was on their Gotham TV literally every match I raced!)

Asides from video games, I am a MASSIVE movie nut. Some of my favorite films include American Beauty, Moon, The Truman Show, Aliens, The Shining and more recently Ghost in the Shell.

I love skiing, first thing i do when I leave university will be to go train to be a ski instructor in chile and try to get fluent in Spanish. I also like skydiving, and I'm currently going through the student course to become fully qualified - which means i've never jumped tandem - hardcore.

I also enjoy (to a greater extent while I'm at university) going out clubbing, getting rowdy and having a general awesome time with friends! Who doesn't?!


My other self deserved this:
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