I was born in a log cabin made of Pringle cans. Unfortunately, these cans were all hollow and devoid of nourishing chips. I was a starving lad until I ran down to the stream one fateful day and drank in the delicious waters. Mushrooms grew nearby, I ate those too. Soon, I was in a land of gumdrops and candy cane mountains. After I awoke from my delirium, I ran back to my cabin and chewed on the cardboard insides. I ate and ate, i'd never been so hungry before. I eventually fell asleep, and awoke in a mysterious goop while the sun shown down on me. It had rained the night before and the cabin gave way because I had eaten too much of it! The goop was disgusting, and I quickly jumped out of it. I ran back to the stream and looked in the clear waters of it. I beat on the rocks until my hands were bloody. I ran into the forest across the stream; the dark, lonely forest. It was difficult, but I made my way out of it and onto a highway. I was picked up by a stranger and dropped off at the police station in a large city. I was taught much about society and its ways, and eventually was enrolled in school. I developed a taste for video games and I am now here. However, I still get back to my tasty Pringle roots back in the country every now and then.


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