Merry crimbo and a most joyful new year to you sir!
ive given in and decided to sign your guest book seeing as i haven't signed it already.

'mon the shrews

anyway you are the fourth member of triple L a very special club

P.S - Now everybody will sign cos your GB is like Totaly cool now

from your fwendy Neighbourhood Levvy!!! <3

Hey Dan, thought I would sign your guestbook as you are a friend, saw it in you sig, now sign mine
Cool guestbook, anyway I've signed it can you return the favour by signing mine thanks, oh saw the message on the sig well there you go...

Hi, saw your message in your sig and decided to sign your g/book... dont forget to return the favour.

See you around
al rite , hw ya doin ??
sign mine plz.

dont think anyone has signed mine yet , to be honest i didnt know about us having guestbooks.
You sign mine back please!

i'll sighn yours you'll sighn mine

dont forget to sighn mine
hey ther dude
just signin your gb,wud be grateful if u could return favour,
shame about bcfc last season but i think theyll come straight back up if bruce gets it sorted!,
hopefully see you round the forums:),
PM me anytime you feel the need 2,
later mate
I don't see you loads but I've seen you a bit in Loungin' recently so I decided to sign your GB. So there you go. You've been signed by Catfire. Sign mine back please. Here's a stamp that you'll love, lol!

See you on the forums.
just thought i'd sighn and when are you going to get that king of the ring thing up and running because i'm just waiting with exitement to see if i'm going to win

anyway heres a stamp

P.S Sighn back please
i dont think we will stay up cuz of not beating the scum but its not in our hands now its up 2 pompy the thing is they like to play attacking football wich is something brucie dosnt seem 2 like
hi thanks for that save here is a stamp since you like HBK.............bye.....................thanks