Heres a little stamp. =D Posting Spree.

☆ ○ ☆ IC ☆ ○ ☆
oh, did you see my neohome with the cascada stuff? or my old banner and avatar?
yeah, i think cascada is AWSOME! my fave songs by her are Bad Boy, Endless Summer, Truely Madly Deeply and What Hurts the Most. I like all her other songs too, but those are my fave.

Happy New Year! Stamping you with my new theme! Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters! Have a good New Year Everybody!!!!!
So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.


If you havent Realized:


Hey man just saying whats up and that your cool!
Lol yeays, thats a funkeh stamp! so heres mine!

Game_TesterWB1 here stamping you back with her totally spam free stamp!

Haha see you around buddeh!
Didn't I stamp you before? Anyway thanks for being a most excellent friend! Prepare to be stamped by Bill & Ted!

See ya round Mr Genius Man!

P.S. I stamped you with Lylodile .
Not signing back sucks, and strangly i do not suck.

I discovered i like you too, and spaghetti is yummy scrumbos! Heres my "Stamp" since i don't like real ones .

Signed By
Thanks for the sign, see ya around Neo, if I don't, have a good life.

My signing is so much cooler than yours... course, everything I do is cooler than you. My sign does seem kinda inadequate next to those stamps... meh, mine has more writing. A word is worth a thousand pictures!

Everything should be explained on the stamp. ^^ Thanks.
here is a stamp for you to go PWN them noobs with

now go PWN the noobs and if you dont feel like PWNing you can eat this egg
All PWNage members are veteran enough to recieve my utmost attention, therefore, ah-hem, I stamp thy guestbook.


Just thought I'd sign ur guest book to say thanks for trading with me.

Thanks for trading me, I'll use heracross for my theme competition team. just have to toughen it up abit. That battle was fun. we should go again some time. well ttyl I'll g2g now. catchya later.


PS. I added u as a neofriend hope thats okey if it is add me pleas.

PPS. how do u stamp a guest book with pics and stuff?
Your cool, and we're NeoBrothers so I thought I'd sign your G-Book !

I am gonna sign your guestbook... sign sign sign...

see you later in the pokemon D/P forums...

You rule so...

You just got stamped by Jimbob1710!....Just dragging on so the length is 125 minimum! lol. Totodile reading the murkrow! lol
[quote]Just felt like signing.

I'm going on a guestbook-signing rampage with my uber stampe. I must sign all guestbooks!!! If anybody wants to help me, PM me and show me your p00nag3 stamp!
Hello Dajay it seems your not very popular in the guestbook. No offense but can you please add me to your friends I added you to my friends list?