kuki Dai
Oct 17, 04 1:50am
Hello Dai.I am signing this so I have nothing else to do...(That made no sense...or maybe it did...)Anyway,I shall NOT allow you to steal MY tittle as "Ultimate Evil" I was here first!....Well..I was here before you....But anyway,I think a war might start between us.....You are now enemy #1!MUHAHAHAHA!..Anyway,I got no stamp,so....bye,bye!*Runs away*
Satokasu Suki Dai
Oct 12, 04 5:25am

I don't really know you at all. I sorta kinda know you through Zen though, and him and I are friends. So, wanna be neofriends? I'm sure you're nice.

See you around the forums and take care,

~ Satokasu Suki
Miles Girl111 Dai
Oct 10, 04 5:15am
Greetings, Friend of Zen! I am the Enemy of Zen......sorta. Actually, Zen has little to no idea of who I am, most likely. So I use my secrecy to mask my true nature......*Twilight Zone Music*

*Hits the CD player* Stupid thing keeps going off like that......

Remember this name, for it is one you shall hear often.....EVENTUALLY!! *Tosses a rose James-Style and flies off*

Rose: Shirubi Shirumanu AKA: Yume Shinigami AKA: Shini the Mimic AKA: Shini AKA: MilesGirl111
Zen The Wanderer Dai
Oct 10, 04 4:27am
Welcome to Neo-Seeker. I am glad you finally joined. Good Luck, Like you need it! *Big Grin*

Rheneas Dai
Oct 10, 04 4:00am
YATTA! I get to be the first one to sign yer guestbook! W00T W00T! (As it says above XP)

I have no stamp! So... yaaaaaah. Whatever... Have a gewd day! =P