Dagger31198 blogged
Aug 6, 13 5:02pm

Unfortunately, something (Besides school) is preventing me from having very much free time, and I'm afraid I no longer have enough time to be active here...
Jul 2, 13 2:27pm
The Killers- Hot Fuss Full Alblum.
Jul 1, 13 3:39pm
Regal Set: Completed in 1.5 hours. #NewLeaf
Jun 26, 13 9:33am
Storm ended sometime last night. I'm back!
Jun 25, 13 7:54pm
Aww man, big storm in my neck of the woods. Signal is too weak for 3ds, comp will be next.
Mar 30, 13 11:42am
Roses are red, that much is true. But violets are purple, not ******* blue.

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