Jan 17, 16 2:28am
Hai? Bai? Dunno when I log next, sorry ya'll. D=
Oct 31, 15 11:36am
Happy Halloween ya'lls!! :3 :3 Enjoy your candys!
Oct 3, 15 11:12pm
Half asleep, half awake. College is not a piece of cake.. -.-;
Sep 24, 15 3:47pm
Sorry for not being on much except for Skype. Busy with college. :/
Sep 7, 15 12:02pm
I <3 how adorable Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is! x3
Jun 23, 15 3:57pm
Past.. Future.. Present.. Which is most important? I am unable to tell..
Jun 18, 15 8:32pm
Who am I to you? And who are you to me? Do I know? Do you know? Does anyone know?
Jun 2, 15 8:57am
Welp, I've graduated.. What do I do now?
Apr 22, 15 9:54pm
Who am I? How did I get here?
alroy214 Daffila
Mar 8, 15 12:24pm
What's up Daffi? Haven't talked to you in while x)
Mar 8, 15 8:53am
Been playing Bravely Default Demo on 3DS, very interesting game...
Mar 6, 15 9:42pm
Why do we live...?
Daffila blogged
Mar 6, 15 8:57pm

What are thoughts?
If you think, those are thoughts
How can one think about thoughts without thinking about thoughts?
Are thoughts us? Or are we thoughts?
Made up like stuffed dolls on a young child’s bed?
Are we imagined, lives made for the amusement of someone else?
Or do we have some purpose…?
I think about thinking about thoughts,
Can thoughts lie?
Can we deceive ourselves into believing what we saw
Was not as it seemed?
Can we live off of a thought alone, like a artist or writer
And still breathe the gift off life to our creations?
If thoughts are life,
Then what is life?
Is it something we cannot understand?
Does it hold more meaning then we could comprehend?
Or is it hollow?
Something that we tried to fill,
So we could make it a lie
And think about thoughts
And believe to be alive
Are we really alive?
Can we thrive if we are not alive?
And if so-
If we are not alive,
Then is this all a lie?
Something we have defied?
Pretending to be alive?
And what state are we in
If we are not alive
As we seem?
If we are not alive
And cannot thrive without being alive
What are we really doing?
Can we thrive if we had the knowledge that we weren’t alive?
Would we die out because everything was a lie?
How have we turned such a blind eye,
And denied that we are not alive?
Yet that lie somehow makes us thrive
Even if we are not alive.
Jan 29, 15 7:22pm
A song I'd like to sing...
Jan 22, 15 7:55pm
I tend to restart games often... To play through it right, with no mistakes, all perfect endings & etc. Since I can't seem to redo my life..
Jan 15, 15 3:55pm
Well... If I ain't nobody, but I'm not somebody, then I don't know who I really am~
Jan 13, 15 3:41pm
Welp, that escalated quickly...
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