Just a random gb signing spree! Sign back if you get the chance

I know back in the day I used to say that I was the owner of neoseeker, but what I really meant was that I own you Daedric Prince. I didn't know it then, and I didn't know you then, but something was missing from my life. It was YOU!

First to get the Christmas stamp. Congrats.
Your guestbook is no longer neglected.

No seriously

It's only getting abused now


What..poppycock! 125 characters!
I have seen you round Loungin' and you were complaining that nobody was signing your yearbook. I would stamp, but my stamp sucks! Oh well...
17 and already a lawyer?! XD You beat me by 2 years!!!

Anyway, I've never played Halo, but from your posts on the Oblivion Forum, you seem to be pretty cool. So Guestbook signing for you!!!

Yes, it's a little macabre, but, meh.

See you later dude!

Firstly,sorry for the random GB signing.
You seem like a really friendly person; your profile has to be one of the most in-depth one's I've read.
I used to play the piano,it proved to be too much of a challenge for me,though.
Anyway; hopefully I'll see you around Neoseeker sometime.

Take care,

thought id stop by and leave my cat
thanx for signin mine

sign back with a sexy stamp

sign sign sign

hey prince jus stoppin bi to sey hi (gay ass ryme)

Here I am just filling in the last few characters so I can post in your Guestbook
Dude, sorry for being such an ass. Ive realized that you seem to be a pretty nice guy. So no hard feelings? If you can forgive me, maybe we can be neofriends?
Hey I saw you posting around and I thought I would sign your guestbook. Lots of great conversations . You are the man! See you around!
Dude, you are one of the coolest people I have ever met! Thanks for all the help! Seriously yo, peace out! Want to be neofriends?
Hey! Thanks for signing my GB! Lolz, now im glad that I helped. Your a nice person, and youre helpful on the forums too No problem for helping your team, and everything! I'll cya around the forums...Buddy XD

Hi Daedric - I haven't seen you for a while. I spose you've gone onto bigger and better things .

Anyway, may the farce be with you *winces at own bad joke*

dude you rock and everyone rocks

keep playing oblivion and mabye drink some coke
Fear the Head

I just feel like it and you're pretty cool.
Of your stamping skilz! I don't have anything nearly as cool as that, but I'll see what I can scratch up...

Ok, so you like Star wars? Lemme wing it...

You seem like a pretty cool guy so here's a stamp! Also your sig has a link to sign your guestbook.
I just had to listen to that damn signature of yours and sign this didn't I

I didn't want the mean thingy in the picture to hate me tho. ;;

>:3, rare stamping from me, see ya around the forums
Daedric Prince knows his shit Kind, nice, and sensitive, I can barely stand him because of those qualities Ah, kidding aside, he's a damned good member of Neo.
Yo Daedric Prince thanks for awnsering my questions if you need help with Terranigma pm me lol. i will get a stamp when i figure out how lol.
Hey, I've seen you about in the Oblivion forum, you seem to be a nice guy, so sign back!

This apparently is not over 125 characters -_-