segaman Daedric Prince
Feb 6, 09 1:11am
Just a random gb signing spree! Sign back if you get the chance

neoseekerowner Daedric Prince
Feb 5, 09 7:50pm
I know back in the day I used to say that I was the owner of neoseeker, but what I really meant was that I own you Daedric Prince. I didn't know it then, and I didn't know you then, but something was missing from my life. It was YOU!

Rome Daedric Prince
Dec 25, 08 5:09am

First to get the Christmas stamp. Congrats.
Star_Wars_Fanatic Daedric Prince
Jul 12, 08 3:21pm
Your guestbook is no longer neglected.

No seriously

It's only getting abused now


What..poppycock! 125 characters!
WolfofSorrow Daedric Prince
Jul 12, 08 3:03pm
I have seen you round Loungin' and you were complaining that nobody was signing your yearbook. I would stamp, but my stamp sucks! Oh well...
Vicious Daedric Prince
Mar 13, 08 4:38am
17 and already a lawyer?! XD You beat me by 2 years!!!

Anyway, I've never played Halo, but from your posts on the Oblivion Forum, you seem to be pretty cool. So Guestbook signing for you!!!

Yes, it's a little macabre, but, meh.

See you later dude!

Captain Basche Daedric Prince
Mar 11, 08 1:23am
Firstly,sorry for the random GB signing.
You seem like a really friendly person; your profile has to be one of the most in-depth one's I've read.
I used to play the piano,it proved to be too much of a challenge for me,though.
Anyway; hopefully I'll see you around Neoseeker sometime.

Take care,

thought id stop by and leave my cat
thanx for signin mine
Invincibledude Daedric Prince
Jan 8, 08 5:55am

sign back with a sexy stamp

sign sign sign

hey prince jus stoppin bi to sey hi (gay ass ryme)
Capn Droid Daedric Prince
Sep 3, 07 12:49am

Here I am just filling in the last few characters so I can post in your Guestbook
ShinyLatias Daedric Prince
Sep 2, 07 2:22am
Dude, sorry for being such an ass. Ive realized that you seem to be a pretty nice guy. So no hard feelings? If you can forgive me, maybe we can be neofriends?
interesting Daedric Prince
Sep 2, 07 2:21am
Hey I saw you posting around and I thought I would sign your guestbook. Lots of great conversations . You are the man! See you around!
GoldenArrow Daedric Prince
Sep 2, 07 2:20am
Dude, you are one of the coolest people I have ever met! Thanks for all the help! Seriously yo, peace out! Want to be neofriends?
Munchlax Daedric Prince
Aug 30, 07 10:30pm
Hey! Thanks for signing my GB! Lolz, now im glad that I helped. Your a nice person, and youre helpful on the forums too No problem for helping your team, and everything! I'll cya around the forums...Buddy XD

The Stig Daedric Prince
Jun 26, 07 2:38pm
Hi Daedric - I haven't seen you for a while. I spose you've gone onto bigger and better things .

Anyway, may the farce be with you *winces at own bad joke*

naruto909 Daedric Prince
May 16, 07 10:53pm

dude you rock and everyone rocks

keep playing oblivion and mabye drink some coke
King Bubsgonzola Daedric Prince
Apr 24, 07 9:49pm
Fear the Head

I just feel like it and you're pretty cool.
Dragons Call Daedric Prince
Apr 23, 07 11:37pm
Of your stamping skilz! I don't have anything nearly as cool as that, but I'll see what I can scratch up...

Ok, so you like Star wars? Lemme wing it...

Wet Won Daedric Prince
Apr 21, 07 3:02am

You seem like a pretty cool guy so here's a stamp! Also your sig has a link to sign your guestbook.
Lycanthrope Daedric Prince
Apr 21, 07 1:14am
I just had to listen to that damn signature of yours and sign this didn't I

I didn't want the mean thingy in the picture to hate me tho. ;;
BeZ Daedric Prince
Apr 20, 07 11:10pm

>:3, rare stamping from me, see ya around the forums
Chronic Apathy Daedric Prince
Apr 16, 07 1:25am
Daedric Prince knows his shit Kind, nice, and sensitive, I can barely stand him because of those qualities Ah, kidding aside, he's a damned good member of Neo.
Terranigma Fan Daedric Prince
Apr 15, 07 2:00pm
Yo Daedric Prince thanks for awnsering my questions if you need help with Terranigma pm me lol. i will get a stamp when i figure out how lol.
imperialcereal Daedric Prince
Apr 15, 07 12:52pm
Hey, I've seen you about in the Oblivion forum, you seem to be a nice guy, so sign back!

This apparently is not over 125 characters -_-