Im not bad didnt bother pm'ing but i dont come on neo much any more as cars (mainly hondas) are my main passion now, nice model remote control forum!
hey man i just seen an old post in my neopm from you long long ago about putting toca in my sig, i never did bother. I remember you from the toca forum, you still play toca?
Guestbook stamped!
hey! i just read MY guestbook and i saw a message from YOU from forever ago, so now i return the favour HAHA!! you will the wrath of the stick! with a nail in the end! or will you?
Man im surprised at how empty your guestbook is. Am i missing something here?LOL (j/k)

Anyway, thanks for all your help on the Gen ps2 forum and keeping all those newbies going in the right direction
So you look for free porn in stupid guestbook links do you. Well maybe i should type some more characters until i get this stuid 125 characters. Will this do.
hey thanks for signing my guestbook . lets see i have to write more. well im 15 and i like snowboarding, gaming and modding consoles. im interested in meeting a beautiful eighteen year old blonde with big breasts. good enough?