DQ Maniac Da Master Chief
Oct 30, 04 8:03am
jambos no1 Da Master Chief
Aug 09, 04 7:07pm
lol just got banned:(
Jul 14, 04 12:48pm
Im sorry for not signing your guestbook earlier , i was just checking over and i found yours soooooooooooo hello , how are you doing

see ya
DianWei04 Da Master Chief
Jun 01, 04 10:17pm
I didn't know that thread was there,but when i saw it i had to speak my mind. Stuff ain't supposed to go in the out hole. if you know what i mean. pm later bye.
jambos no1 Da Master Chief
May 31, 04 7:33am
yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy we banned lmao and about time to seeing as youll prob get a permanent ban ill say bye aswell lol
SuperNatural0207 Da Master Chief
Jan 29, 04 8:03am
Well You signed my Guest book so i'm signing yours. If you want to we could be friends I guess ..................... see ya around neo
YuanShiao45 Da Master Chief
Jan 25, 04 2:30am
Hey dude thanx for giving me that pm. Your the greatest! So thought I'd sign your guestbook and say "hi". Well see yea around! Keep it cool!
P.S Ill save u to my Neofriends list!
littlegreen Da Master Chief
Jan 24, 04 3:24pm
i you said i didnt sighn your guest book but im sure i did, well anyway ill sighn it again just to make sure.............well iv got nothing to say so see you