oni_hero Da Flave ussj4
Mar 14, 07 12:59am
Just popping in to say thanks for the stamp, and if your not down with that...

wrestlemania here We come!
stingo17 Da Flave ussj4
Mar 01, 07 3:50pm
Thanks man that is a cool banner I will give you credit, I will promote you in other forums as a GFX god.

Thanks again.
terminate63 Da Flave ussj4
Mar 01, 07 10:23am
thx for the cool banner u rock, hope 2 c u make more cool banners for the needy out there hehe well be cyan yah around the forum

you are the graphic king
oni_hero Da Flave ussj4
Mar 01, 07 3:21am
thanks for the awesome banner, goes great for the road to wrestlemania. Also stay ready, may need one when cena beats hbk ..... its going to happen.....
TheKingofKings Da Flave ussj4
Feb 19, 07 10:44am
Hey Flave, Thanks for the "Lost Roleplay Header" its awesome as. Sorry I dont actually have a stamp but I hope my Thank You and Credit is enough. I enjoy talking to you on MSN to so bye!

Also may as well show it off.

genius_1000 Da Flave ussj4
Feb 18, 07 7:57am
Thanks the for the header!

The following may not be suitable for those with dial-up. Viewer discretion is advised.
Mustafa Rehman Da Flave ussj4
Jan 13, 07 3:48am
I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool!
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your looking at it
Nothing beats being cool

I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool!
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You better be cool
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Cool like me


Mustafa Rehman Da Flave ussj4
Jan 13, 07 3:48am
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My jungle love.
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I think I wanna know ya know ya ... yeah, what.

KonvictSaiyan Da Flave ussj4
Dec 19, 06 5:04pm
Thanks for the awesome sigs.I of the best
Take a big ol stamp

Merry Xmas
And a happy new year
I added to my friends list
ANd plz sign mine back
G_O_G_E_T_A Da Flave ussj4
Dec 16, 06 1:28pm
Hey man, just signing your GB to thank you for the amazing banners you made !

Here is a stamp:

Thanks again man !
the lynx Da Flave ussj4
Dec 09, 06 12:52pm
Yo, thanks for the banner and avatar you made me, have a Stamp:

zhaoyun770 Da Flave ussj4
Dec 03, 06 1:36am

thanks for the stamp- great graphic, keep it up. And thanks for the real quick response, how the heck you did that so quick is beyond me........
My Time Da Flave ussj4
Dec 01, 06 11:56pm

Thank You for those great things. You're better than those other who make banners so I'm glad you made mine : )
Mustafa Rehman Da Flave ussj4
Dec 01, 06 1:08am
Thank, Thank you very much agian lol.
Mustafa Rehman Da Flave ussj4
Dec 01, 06 1:06am

Arsenal09 Da Flave ussj4
Dec 01, 06 12:24am
well this is for making me the stamp:D
p.s you beta sign bck
Unspoken Da Flave ussj4
Sep 13, 03 10:54pm
im running out of subjects...

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
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|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

hell angel Da Flave ussj4
Aug 21, 03 12:04pm
You are LINED
In my MIND
I can't FIND
Through this BIND
While you DINED
You've been SIGNED
Stand_alone Da Flave ussj4
Aug 11, 03 1:01am
why o why did i take the red pill haha j/k thx for signing my guestbook dude i see you around laterszs
~dave~ :/

125 characters ehh :[
Wolf Da Flave ussj4
Aug 10, 03 5:48pm
Hi, ummm like my stamp?


Glad we are neofriends:)

Ok Flave you really gota teach me how to do this, I'll have a crack at it first!

~Can You Savour Da Falvour~?

Doh.. thats not right only the original Flave knows how to do it.

Sabu Da Flave ussj4
Aug 06, 03 2:24am
hey,supz? nice posting in HCTP,SYM forum man!and no probelm on the AV and Banner..just glad cha like it... well see yah later *bleep*o
bri89 Da Flave ussj4
Jul 31, 03 2:53am
Dude, you are a good poster in HCTp, thanx for signing my GB, HCTP is gonna kick ass;)
So keep da flava, and..................
Raikazokou Da Flave ussj4
Jul 28, 03 9:01am
I saw your entry to Dark Warriors book, naughty!!

You have given me problems on the UB22 forum, but that is all done and dusted now, so it is a time to reedem yourself, which you have.

Keep posting, and see you later!
MegaDemon Da Flave ussj4
Jul 27, 03 11:31pm
Hi Flave, its been nice talking to you in the DBZ UB forum you're a really cool nice person, and as U.S said, keep up the super cool flava!! see ya around pal!
UltimateSonic Da Flave ussj4
Jul 27, 03 9:08pm
Thanks for apoligizing, i really appreciate it..
Well, hope we can be friends in the future.
And make sure you'll keep the 'Flavor' in the forum, K..
Okay, bye!