Heya i'm new here(see my profile) so idk what to do here but i do have an awesome/funny pic i wanna share. how do i do that?

pm me if u know how.
So r u really currently playing viewitiful Joe 2? Well, that game is really awesome in my opinion. Have u played the banjo kazooie series yet? If not, pick it up, it's reallllllllly good!!!
What is this, 2008? I thought guestbooks were obsolete now. Oh well. Keep playing N64, dude.

Old stamp is old.

First Guestbook I've Signed! You seem like a nice guy so you deserve my first one! I thought you could do with a lovely looking Porygon Z on your page. Hope you like it.

Porygon Z.
I saw in your sig that it said "Sign?" And I had time to waste. So yeah... I did Wow this has to take up 125 characters? Okay I'm just wasting characters now.
I just wanted you to know that I added you to friends. I think that the brief time in which we talked was pretty interesting.
Hi DXD it's your Neofriend Triforce of Wisdom and #2 ACCF fan after you, of course. Well I guess I'm just saying hi..I like in when people sign my guestbook so I thought you might like it if I signed yours. Will you sign mine back? Thanks.
i was hoping for some advice and pointers from someone who has more experience in gaming. i just recently became fascinated w/ Pokemon and could use some help. it would be appreciated very much. thanks!

I have the sexiest stamp around and i'm signing your guestbook please sign mine.
Hey, man, what's going on? Your favorite Beyonce-loving pal, LinKing12, here! I always enjoy discussing things with you on the SSBB forums, and I like how you are always so philosophical in your posts. You also help me stay on topic all the time, so thanks for keeping me out of trouble. Anyway, I'll give you a nice picture of Beyonce to remember me by. Stay cool.

Hey. Thanks for the stamp! I suppose what goes around comes around so here ya go:

Thanks for the stamp, man. I don't have a stamp for your guestbook today, but I'll try to cook something up for you in the future. XD

You are a nice guy, and it's a pleasure to be a virtual friend of yours.

Happy posting!
I saw you stamp my guestbook so I guess that meant I have to stamp your. Here ya go.

Bu the way, I'll add you as a neofriend.
Been freakin' ages, man. We met in, what, '05? '06?

How've you been these past few years? What's been goin' on?

Definitely interested in the details.

I don't have a stamp, never got around to one. :3

~Knightmare Chaotix
Hey DXD. I have to say that you're one of my best friends here, I enjoy talking to you on the Ps2 and Ps3 forums. I hope to see you on either later. Drop me a PM sometime if you want.
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I hope to see everybody in the forums.

[ DXD ]