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Apr 16, 09 3:58am

[ Introduction ]

As with games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double...

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  • "My favorite racing game all time, and even though i've 100% completed this game and gotten really good im still improving my skills FZeroGX"
    Kyles2crazy Mar 29, 11 12:02pm
  • "will play this week FZeroGX"
    Griffsports Mar 3, 11 1:13am
  • "If only they made this 4 wii :( FZeroGX"
    Neouser Jul 3, 09 10:54am
  • "Fast, frantic, and the best racer on the GC hands dowm FZeroGX"
    Sabre May 27, 09 7:01am
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