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Aug 11, 10 7:22am

So as of this blog post, I am currently hunched over a free-to-use computer in a Best Western out of the mountain town of Valemont, BC(five hours away from Vancouver, where I was just returning from a casual vacation)and was recently devastated to find out that I'd blindly missed out on a pre-launch party which took place in that oceanside city's downtown area last week(Thursday, to be supposedly precise).

Now I'm not going to admit to being a total Metroid nut(outside of the given Zamus lust), but it doesn't take a genius to realize that this is one of the most promising 1st-person shooters this franchise has seen so far(based on the hyped 3rd-person viewpoint option and the strong story drive throughout). So being the humbly avid gamer that I am, I would have shot a man in the foot to get a chance to have a go at this exclusive demo that the sales reps were forcefully offering to passers-by on impulse while wandering the bustling, hobo-decorated city streets.

Not to jerk my own trombone, but I'm sure that given how many casual gamers fatefully filled the kiosks during that evening, I could have easily "saved the dance"(so to speak).

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Jul 17, 10 3:13am

So not too long after acquiring my very first Visa, I've discovered that there are various wonderful video game titles out there that never went international for reasons that are beyond me. These are more commonly identified as imports and are quite popular among members of the enthusiastic gaming community.

My first import being F-Zero Climax, I am quite glad that this was so considering how westernized this franchise is thus leaving much of the English language involved throughout the entirety of this Japan-native game from text to spoken narration. Further conveniences included no region-locking whatsoever, which is a rather nagging con involved with imports which render these games unplayable on compatible systems released in foreign countries. I was lucky enough as far as the Game Boy Advance went, but as for the latest title I stumbled upon for the PSX...

This is where the PS-X-Change software comes in: a boot disc which cheats region-locking(put simply enough). A specialized spring attatched to the bottom of the PSX's disc lid allows you to run this disc exposed until you are directed on-screen to swap it out for your desired import. I was lucky enough to come across only one of these beauties listed on eBay as of currently and took the chance(fortunately for me, it didn't exceed $100 CDN).

In about a week or so after this little wonder arrives, I'm going to order the entire original Pepsi Man package(since I'm not a big fan of emulators and I have some necessary cash to put down). This being another entirely western-based import meant to poke fun at the loveable blunders of North America, I found it a perfect choice for my second import(the fact that it's a hefty chunk of graphical product placement and a rather appealing pick-up-and-play title indefinitely hooked me in).

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DXD blogged
Jun 30, 10 8:36am

It's been over a year since I've posted something here(probably due to the fact that my overall event-lacking life intervened), but thanks to my current video game console-related issue, I'M BACK!!

My Nintendo Wii decided to cease reading disc-based games a few days ago and to be blunt: it was a pretty bad blow to the face considering a "red ring of death"-like situation such as this has never happened to me before. So prior to posting this issue here, I eventually came to the conclusion that the three straight years this system has sat in stasis must have granted enough time for dust and grime to build up inside the lens. This is where Nintendo's officially-Sealed Lens-Cleaning Kit would come in, right? Wrong. Apparently it's not going to be as simple as Mr. Miyagi's "wax on, wipe off" crap, to my dismay.

So I hope I won't have to pull such a desperate move as to send this white wonder into Nintendo for a ridiculous price of $70-$90 bucks or something of the sort for something as supposedly simple as a dirty lens. >~<

On the plus side, my imported copy of F-Zero Climax for the GBA just came in today and I'm having a blast with the track customization feature! It still pisses me off that NoA refused to localize this latest F-Zero installment simply due to the fact that 4Kids had to cancel the crappy dub that they planned to use in order to advertise it(Funimation and VIZ were always open options, but no...).

Anyway, that's enough of my venting and fan-raving. Peace out for tonight, my friends. |;D

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May 23, 09 4:20am

Well, now only the weekend that lies ahead is the only thing that stands between me and my first and only high school graduation taking place next Tuesday and Thursday. The three years were somewhat rough, but I got through them with my head held high, as well as a solid placement in the honour roll. The formal ceremony and diploma hand-outs take place on Tuesday May 26th, where an official hat and gown is the required apparel. Then the banquet/dance takes place on Thursday May 28th, which involves a fancy dinner served in a massive conference center packed with over 2,000 seated people, followed by a final dance that lasts until 1:00 in the morning(which I may or may not stick around for).

All in all, I seriously cannot wait.

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DXD blogged
May 18, 09 1:29am

Wow, this long and still nothing has happened that's worthy of reporting in one of my blog posts?! Oh well, I'll post today anyway out of sheer boredom.


Has anything happened yet?

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Apr 21, 09 9:14pm

I just recently found out that in order to get into the post-secondary fields of Graphic Design centered around the areas of both CGI and sign art(such as billboards, business logos, etc.)that I've been eyeing since the beginning of my third high school year, I'll need to take twice the Math and Science courses that I had already thought I fully covered in the previous year(yeah, I have my crappy guidance counselor to thank for that).

So now I'm looking at a full month of Summer School for one applied Math course during either July or August, followed by a second class to be completed within the two months of September and October. It is not yet determined whether I'll have to take any additional Science courses in order to cover my graduated butt, but the chances are good that I won't have to.

Jeez, my blog posts can get quite wooden sometimes, huh? But I guess that's just how life plays out sometimes.

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DXD blogged
Apr 16, 09 3:58am

I've probably mentioned this already in a previous post, but the whole reason behind my wisdom teeth removal surgery was to pave the way for the arrival of my very first set of braces that is meant to undo the crooked damage that the late wisdom teeth had previously caused the rest of my teeth which actually showed above the surface of my gums and performed their natural functions. These wisdom teeth, as you may have already guessed, did not and were rendered as useless as your average appendix, only the consequences weren't as deadly as it usually is with this certain situation when neglected and left untreated.

So for the next year or two, I'm going to have to get used to a slightly heavier mouth which can be expected much harder to brush than before. But, hey, 1-2 years really isn't that long if you look at it with the eyes of an optimist.

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DXD blogged
Apr 9, 09 11:10pm

Well, it's officially the Easter long weekend for me one this beautiful Thursday afternoon. Thanks to the annually required Good Friday and Easter Monday, which makes a full four-day weekend of nothing but enjoying the new Canadian spring weather(which doesn't involve snow in the very least, by the way!).

I'm not one who travels too often so it's quite likely that I'll just stick it out where I am and hang out on Neoseeker as I do on a daily basis.

Speaking of "easter eggs"(ha ha.), here's one that came with the all-new, all-around functional DSi.

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DXD blogged
Apr 5, 09 12:25am

Well, it's been over three and a half days since I came out of my oral surgery to remove four of my impacted wisdom teeth(I needed this much downtime in the very least as a bumper so I could recover my typing abilities), and even though my cheeks have swelled to the point that I can be compared to your average pumpkin, I am still enthusiastically active on these forums everyday(even though I won't be eating solid foods for a while still).

See you soon everybody.
DXD blogged
Mar 31, 09 2:39am

Well, tomorrow at around 11:00 pm, I'm to go to the Orthodontist to get my two impacted wisdom teeth pulled/removed. In case you don't know, "impacted" means the molars themselves are actually sitting below the surface of my gums on their sides(from what I could see on the x-rays). So I'm just going to have to get knocked out for a couple of hours in one of those comfy dental chairs and have those suckers removed before they keep shifting where they are and eventually push my top and bottom front teeth together, making my smiles quite unattractive from then on. I'm also set to get braces grafted in there after that in order to straighten out what has already been bent by these impacted molars thus far.

Wish me luck, everybody.
DXD blogged
Mar 23, 09 12:24am

This blog post may be a little late, but just 5 days ago on March 17th(St. Patrick's Day), the forum website was revived after it's long sleep, with all the threads that were expected to be lost having already happened, although amazingly, the post count from each profile hadn't changed at all, which while I was relieved to a major extent, I was also slightly puzzled seeing as how it didn't really make too much sense to me if you think about. But then I thought, "who am I to speculate over this stroke of luck?!", it must have been the lucky clovers associated with that day that brought that little feature of luck to the surface, and for all the forum data that was lost, all the members on that site have since begun to repost everything and fill in the large gap that this unfortunate event made. No worries, we'll recover.

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DXD blogged
Mar 12, 09 10:39pm

Today I had the luck to come upon the discovery that a couple(or possibly a few)Off-Topic General Discussions that I had lended some of my posts to had obviously been deleted recently, bringing my current post count of 660 down to 615. Not a total loss, though, these things happen. What really got me going was a serious server crash occuring on a secondary forum website that I participate in daily and the admins posted a public report today on the front page of their site informing all members and guest that their "recent forums and the posts contained therein had been apparently wiped clean" due to some database corruption. Well, while they didn't know how far back this "recent" would go, they assured us that no profiles were deleted in the process, just a substantial amount of threads and posts. Just one of those days, I guess. -_-

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DXD blogged
Mar 9, 09 5:15am

Since I can't possibly begin my very first blog post from as far back as I can remember considering my public life, I'll simply think back to my first day on Neoseeker for all of you to read and possibly enjoy.

It was back in spring(April) 2005 when I had not only gotten into writing and different medias of visual art, but also conquering every RPG, Life-simulator, or MMORPG I came upon. One of the earliest of these RPGs that I was immersed in at the time was my Pokemon Gold version in which I was late in completing my Pokedex. With that said, one of my friends suggested that I try and search up some useful hints and possible cheats from a website called "Neoseeker", so I went ahead with it, found some interesting and helpful ways to catch tricky wild and legendary Pokemon as well as the infamous "Pokemon cloning" manual cheat(This later on led me into the expansive worlds of Gameshark and AR, but I'll get into that later). From then on I was hooked on this site and all of it's gaming knowledge, and since I just recently received Super Smash Bros. Melee earlier that year back in Christmas 2004, the forum related to that game was the first one I hit. I posted as a Neoseeker guest(unwashed heathen) in a thread regarding a large list of possible and farfetch'd characters that may be and/or should've been included in this game's character selection roster. After getting slightly acquainted with the local forum personality, I created my first and very own Neoseeker profile under the name of Playstation Power99(pp99) in the month of May 2005, which I got up to 168 posts with up to June 19th 2005 when I dawned my second and seemingly final profile of DTX, which I got up to 2200 posts with up to May 14 2006 when I ran into posting complications. From then on I wandered this site with a restricted 2 posts per day until I was allowed to create a new third profile for myself under my personally-chosen name, DXD as of August 7th/8th, 2008.

And the rest as would be said, dear readers, is history, right?

At least until my next blog post. Thank you for reading and I'll see you then.

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