I thought you'd like my autograph for when I'm famous:

  • 125 Characters minimum, they expect me to waste that much on you? D= *
You're my idol... No. I wouldn't go that far. Anyways, cheers and well done for you, for being one of my best friends on here. I hope you get totally shit-faced during these holidays.
Merry Christmas Scott, I hope you have a good one and a great New Year. Don't get too drunk whilst out clubbing though!
It's nice to see you with a mod spot within FIFA again, it would be great if it was permanent alongside Matt.
Merry Christmas mate.
Just thought i'd come and have a look at your profile to see what's going on, only to find to my suprise I have never eveeerrrr signed your guestbook, so here I am.

You a top bloke Scott and enjoyed many'a conversation in the FIFA09 forum (of which you done a superb job of moderating) and MSN.

May your time at Neo be a long one!
Just thought I;d pop by to say congrats on your promotion to moderator of PS3 racing Scott, hope you do a good job .

Alright there mate.

I'm bored so I thought I'd sign your guestbook. You're easily one of the greatest guys I've met on here, and I'm really lucky that I've become so close to you.

We've some great, but quite serious conversations, which I adore to be honest. Let's hope it continues!

Take care mate, and keep being such a cool member!
Wow. I'm pretty surprised that you haven't had a signing yet. Well here's your first.
I just wanted to say thanks for your time moderating FIFA 09, and hopefully, we can see you back moderating as soon as possible.
Best of luck at university. See you around.