Thnx for hlping me out on alot of stuff for Star Ocean 3

cya around the forums
You haven`t had a signing for the longest time you know. So I`ll give you my stamp for you to enjoy. See you around.
I see on many of the same forums as me, that's cool. So I decided if I find somebody that likes the same things go sign there guestbook lol not just that though you're cool. Hey sign my guestbook please ^^ mine is to empty (nobody likes me). Hey talk to you later. Maybe you can catch me for that clan before I join another.

I haven't seen you around the forums in a while... Wonder what happened to you. I think your a pretty cool person, stay happy man, being sad all the time will only lead to more unhappiness.

Like I can say that, Im probubly the person surrounded by misery...
Well... Later.
Wassup, homeboy?

Me say hi to you. It going ok with you? Sure hope so. Go have some uhhh... fun. Just typing weird things because they said this entry was too short before
Im Wiseman, and the one who just sent you an email, from Kite's journey on infection threads!

Just stopping by, found out your 16! Which i gave you less crdit for!!!!! Ohe well bye
Hacker Kite
You sounded kool. I read your profile and you sounded nice. I like the word moo 2 but it is not my favorite. PM me later or sighn my guestbook.Later.

well, just stopping by and signing your g-book
Hello, DS. I just felt like signing GB's, tonight. Nice Yoshi avatar, Yosh is one of my favorite Nintendo characters.

~Wu Dynasty
Hey, moooo!! (what`s up ?)

I am signing your guestbook since I see you a lot in the Mario Tennis Forum and I hope you don't leave.You look like a cool person, I thought we could be neofriends !

Please sign mine back, please.

Thanks !
Hi! I've seen you in FFT forums and I'd just like to say that I'm glad you made the thread FFT Battle. I was thinking of making one myself.
Wassup. I'm here to sign your guestbook.I've seen you at a lot of places and you seem pretty cool.Hope you sign my guestbook^_^
Hi, I've seen you around various forums (including Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour) and you seem like a nice guy.

I'll see you around!~
Im glad to sign your guestbook! I'll always be in the forums to answer any questions.....and im always just a PM away!
Hola DS! Was up? I have seen you at the FFX2 fourms so I thought i would sign your g-book!

sup mg TT MASTER?

well anyway i am first to sign your book keep rocking all day!!

see ya

hope to meet ya and beat yah lol one day....

Well i am going to go play some more Bye Bye!!