Mindgames DRaySilva
Jul 16, 09 2:29am
Dray, my nigg.

You are a cool guy I don't usually sign guestbooks but I'll make an exception for the Silva! Haha! I don't have a stamp cause Im a bum. Can't wait to get this Tag Team underway. Watch out Open Mic!

-Devin aka
Mario Menace DRaySilva
Dec 30, 05 8:29pm
Hey! I saw your thread in the lounge! And it was so true! Isn't it amazing how people expect the oppisite of reality? Like, "What if the force was real:shifty:"
And rock hard things like the Bible and God
"Well it might be freak coincidences everywhere" So here is my new stamp

Keep up the posts!
ChRisSy_1 DRaySilva
Aug 10, 05 4:53pm
Hey "draysilva" I saw you in open mic, and you had nice nice stabs, here's a stamp from me, because i think you are just...

Seeya 'round
MerylSnake DRaySilva
Jun 22, 05 10:54pm

Hello, Draysilva!

Haven't talked to you in a while, how have you been?

Bites and Kisses ~Emmmy Strange~

SunnyDelight DRaySilva
May 28, 05 3:47pm
I decided to give you a stamp so here you go!
jespomo DRaySilva
Mar 27, 05 10:17pm
Hey there draysilva

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
TheLord968 DRaySilva
Feb 20, 05 4:41am

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Lupin3rd DRaySilva
Dec 27, 04 9:47pm
predictive text...

oh honey you make me feel like a million bwhahaha a million you hear! not dollars! something else
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr DRaySilva
Nov 11, 04 6:59am
My guestbook has reached 20 pages ^.^
Please accept my thanks for you participating in it...

Thanks for being 2nd in signing it!

Signed by Moi,
NSX DRaySilva
Aug 26, 04 1:05pm
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around draysilva. Sign back if you want...
Jecht44 DRaySilva
Jul 28, 04 4:10pm
watup D-money?? just stoppiun' by to sign ya g-book and errything. We gonna really rip it up when we start this crew thing. West side nucca!!!!keep God in ya life and keep spittin' thos ill ass bars you call rap. WE'll have to battle someday. damn you got good as hell haha. holla! lets go to great america. I'll stamp ya G-book:
Tres DRaySilva
Jul 26, 04 11:43am
Dragonsfang DRaySilva
Jul 17, 04 10:25pm
Hi, whats up?
Hey I just had this really random idea, if I ever go visit my brother, I could come visit you! PM me and tell me what you think lol!
Then I can prove to you that I'm not a freshman!
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr DRaySilva
Jul 15, 04 8:57pm
Aiight, heres my stamp for you!!!

I told you I'd make a stamp someday...

Signed by Moi,
Ataxia DRaySilva
Jun 18, 04 12:35am
BadassNinja DRaySilva
May 2, 04 7:09am
Hey man, you seem like a pretty cool person. Action games are also my favorite, and I too love Grand Theft Auto. Well, can't think of anything else to say, so see ya 'round.

Sign my guestbook?
Darkness Fox DRaySilva
Apr 18, 04 3:42pm
i really admire the way your spread the word of our lord and saviour. you truly have guts.

Im sure that you have tought many seekers about the passion, and tought them how to have faith. So a big thank you from us all.

god bless

Alpha DRaySilva
Apr 18, 04 8:13am
Thank you ever so much, today you tought me something that i will remember forever, you rought me how to beilieve, thanks alot!
Ultimate 1 DRaySilva
Apr 18, 04 12:56am
pzl sign baq
Chobi DRaySilva
Apr 17, 04 7:00pm
Hiya. ^^ You like my Neoname? Awww, you're so sweet. Have you by chance seen the Passions of the Christ? I can't believe how bloody that show actually was...I heard that some woman actually had a heart attack during the part where Christ died...that would have been freaky.

Well, I hope to see you around sometimes.


final fantasy master DRaySilva
Apr 15, 04 9:48pm
You got guts in showing a pic of Chirst in your banner and the name Jesus in your pic..
I like that... Any way i see that you need some help doing tags ie [img] etc.
Hope you sign mine guestbook!
halo master DRaySilva
Apr 15, 04 4:01am
I am sorry to hear about your misfortune within the IE thread.

I appreciate it that you seem to genuinely care for the people here on neo. It is just a shame that it got you banned.

PM me anytime!

Luigi Number 1 DRaySilva
Apr 9, 04 3:43am
Hello, draysilva!

I just thought I'd stop by and sign your guestbook because we both love Jesus!Tomorrow's Good Friday - the day Jesus died on the cross for us. And then this Sunday is Easter! I'll probably be by again to sign for Easter!

Anyway, I really think that your religious forum suggestion is pretty interesting. It'll give us an opportunity to gently, but lovingly spread the message of God's gift of salvation. (By the way, I'm assuming you're a Christian by your username and your biography/interests.)

Well, I don't really have anything else to say. Oh, if you click the link in my sig that says "My IMPORTANT Post" you might get a little inspiration about spreading the gospel.

I hope to see you around Neo a LOT! And I also hope I get to know you better! You seem really awesome!

In Christ,
sten mk II DRaySilva
Mar 23, 04 9:05pm
hey, you love jesus. thats cool. I love him too:D:D. you like 2 skate? I like 2 skate also. can you do any tricks? c ya later.

sign my guestbook too;)
Megacool999 DRaySilva
Dec 26, 03 2:53am
Hello, please sign back if you have a time.
Guess, what?
Today is Christmas!

Merry Christmas.