Bozo is blue, how sad are you when you don't have a labbath blue?


Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Bozi is blue, how sad are you when you don't have a labbath blue! Now gimme beer kupopopo!


PS: I thought you left Neoseeker
I just got on for the first time in years, so
I thought I'd stop by.
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Just passing through...

holy shit i have not been hjere for a while... this site is so boring now... it seems everyoe has forgot about the good ol' bozo... oh well, im going to get drunk! bye!!!!!
hey bitch, happy bithday! make sure you drink tons of beer, like me!!! i'll see you at the beerwar on facebook! im gonna kick them mother*bleep*in asses!!!!!!!!!

Hullo, my lovely neohusband.

For old times.
I clicked free porn...This is not fair...uhh can you like send me a message with porn link or something XD...jk...well uh im alien and i hope to see you around the forums sometimes
holy shit i have not been here for a long time!! its time get drubnk like the good old times!!! here is a segment from my tv show, and as yoiu can see i am really drunk!!!!!!

Man you really need a beer with bozo...

Sorry i just need to more stuff so that it will go thou

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Yes, Bozo has returned once again and it's time for you to get a beer, so go get a beer!

Hey there!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day


.:Matt Addison:.
Hey. You signed my guestbook last year. XD Anyway, sorry, my policy is to sign back, but I didn't get around to that. So I'm signing now. More than a year later.

That's Right! And you better not be cuzing any trouble! Cuz if you do....
That's right Bozo is back, and ready to get drunk as hell, right now!!!! Time to get everyone on BOZOseeker drunk! It's time to pass out the Labatt BLue! And see all the kids drunk! Yeah baby it time for your beer & Me to drunk my 1000000000000 beers!
Hi, I saw you around somewhere and just wanted to sign your guestbook...
Don't forget to sign back and take part in my Best Game Character competition.
Well, I haven't been on here for a while, mainly because I have been hard at work on a few great action movies that are due out later this year. Oh man, is that Kenny Rogers guy still here? Somebody needs to clobber him over the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels, knocking him out, permanently.

Steven Seagal
thanks for the 3 cases of beer you bought for me!! even though i drank it all in 2 seconds, it was a very thoghtful gift. meery christmas man!!

- Bozo
you need a beer, i need a beer and i can see that kenny needs a beer too! yes kenny im banned but that doesnt stop the clown from entering th ebest beer store on the planet!! Bozo in blue how sad are you when you dont have a Labatt Blue!!
hey you, long time no see! oh my god, is bozo still here?? didnt he get banned? what a fool... i guesss noone likes his taste in beer, ha ha... drink a real beer, jack daniels baby, yeah!!
oh man, this year went by fast... its almost halloween again, and you know what that means? time to scare the kids and steal their candy!! although i wish they had beer instead, but hey, i got a lifetime supply of beer from all the stealing i did already!!
hey bitch, long time no see! are you still drinking that Labatt Blue? You'd better!! or else i'll kill ya!! i know where you live!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Bozo, out...
I haven't signed yet? I thought I did... Well anyway, I'm here now because I feel like it. Please sign back. ^^

Looking through my guestbook you give me very weird signings. Either way, thanks and here's the return:

Yep, I'm an anime freak too XD.