All cards have proper moveset unless stated 5* FB Perfect Satan FB Quick Yang FB Quick Heli FB Tough Moby

I'm looking to consistently buy boosts in bulk. I will pay around the high end if more speed and defense are involved and

PM ME Buying in bulk at a discounted price but I will buy in bulk. Will look for bigger discount if mis skilled.

5* Smart Train FBexPsy (Leech +4/First Blood/Survival Instinct) B/O: $65 C/O: Quick Napoleon FBexPsy (Blurred Spe

Looking for good/best type FB cards or a surplus amount of GB. Not looking for: Rubeus Satan Abe Heli Asura Pluto

Max Lvl 5* (All Best/Good Type) Smart Abe (INT +20/ATK -20/ Burner +4) Quick Napoleon (BS/Scream +4/SPD/INT +10) Smart P

I am looking for max lvl 5* (BY Free) or a good amount of SPD/DEF GB at the best rate. PM me. I will go first to only veri

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am holding a 6iv shiny Japanese Genesect giveaway on my YouTube channel

I have the cloning method down pat and will clone Pokemon for vouches. Only interested in cloning 6iv Shinies , 6iv legend

Inventory: 5iv Lucario 252Sp.Atk/252Spe 5iv Garchomp 252Atk/252Spe 5iv Bold Klefki 5iv Modest Togepi w/ Flamethrower 5iv

Pwr 16 Pm Santa 6 $100 Pm Rose 10 x2 $20 ea. Pm Rose 1 x2 $15 ea. Pwr 15 Pm Barb 7 $60 Pm Lifeless 1 $50 Pm Peg 1 $3

Offer me below need 1:2 - 1:4 or really good offer interested in competitive shinies kik me @Ayee_Its_Max or line m

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