Vast DDD2
Feb 14, 12 9:15pm
Hmszelda DDD2
Dec 28, 11 12:24pm

lateness (Y)
Denny the Fisher DDD2
Mar 27, 11 6:41pm

All that needs to be said
Triforce of Wisdom DDD2
Feb 2, 11 6:22pm
Nice work, it was Nights In White Satin by the Moody Blues. And I culod raed taht tihng on yuor pofirle wtih the ltrtees sithwced aurond.

hamsterlove DDD2
Jul 16, 10 11:12am
I now have a stamp! And here it goes! (:
NextHanna DDD2
Mar 28, 10 4:30am
(runs in with a post-it note and sharpie marker. She pulls off the cap and writes,) "Hello Barry. I Has A new Stamp. Here.

<3 Steph."

(She sticks the post-it note on his guestbook and stamps it, and runs off)
NextHanna DDD2
Aug 18, 09 7:12pm
Grr. Something forced me.
But whatever! Thanks for being such a good friend! I have fun talking to you.

Your Neo Sis,

hamsterlove DDD2
Jul 6, 09 5:13am
Hi DDD2!!! Thanx for being my friend! You are awesome and funny! XD
Well I don't have a stamp so....See ya!
PichuRules DDD2
Jul 4, 09 6:38pm
Cool! I'm the first one to sign your guestbook! Anyway, you are a good friend DDD2 and I really like doing Spongebob quotes with you!

Spongebob rocks! (Credit to FrumpyDog for that picture he posted on the Spongebob thread on the Animated Comedy forum)