The Big Three era... officially done? Shiny w111j
About to buy Smash Bros WiiU

I'm offering Marills with the _Adamant_ nature, _Huge Power_ ability, with the egg moves _Aqua Jet_ and _Belly Drum_ for

I rented Series 7; Part 1 of Doctor Who to see what it's like, and oh my pumpernickel... It's awesome.

Over the years, I've made quite a few comics, and I'd like to share them with you all. In this OP, you will eventuall

Get ready for a season unlike any other. That's all I'm going to say. :P

What on earth is this?
wants people to respect others
likes the Pokemon Diamond Clans
Is thinking Arby's
figured out that... NEO= FREAKIN' FACEBOOK!
figured out that... I'M ON FREAKIN' FACEBOOK! ;)

-_- Wendy's IS fast food. *sigh* Don't you hate when people are ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!!! Sorry. :| Besides McDonald's FTW! Or Burger King. Wait Sonic, yes theres a restaurant named Sonic, is good too. Anyway... Comments?


NOW! I reccomend watching Conan O'Brien on NBC then after that change the OOLALA channel to CBS and watch Craig Ferguson. They are funny, especially Craig. If you watch them you are... AWESOME!


A LOT has happened since I joined this site! (Vacations mostly) But I've learned a lot on this site too. (Mostly because of DXD) Things like... Loungin' doesn't have the nicest of people on it. (I learned that the hard way) Anyway this is my first Blog post... so... yeah.

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