Come to my place so i can pay you.
Animal Crossing New Leaf trading forum: LF Huge Turnip Spikr
Pokemon Trading Forum: Looking for some UT Uncloned event Pokemon. PM me if interested. Hai, welcome to the Icy Cold Nightfall shop. I have had a few shops before this so i am ex

I have a shiny kalos bred Oshawott and a shiny 5iv Aegislash FT ^^

I an looking for shinies, i am mainly looking for a Jynx. I am looking to do a 2:1 for the aegislash if it's bad ivd

Hello i need my Shiny Oshawott Shiny 6iv Latias and a 10ANIV Groudon Cloned. I want references or some proof that your n

I need to complete my team so far i have a 5iv Luxray,4iv Ninetales,5 iv Krookodile, and now I'm working on a tank. I nee

Im looking for shinies or events. Make offers ^^. #384 Rayquaza/Brave/Cherish Ball

I'm looking for offers. I take shinies and events. Heres the info #482 Azelf/Ti

I'm looking for other shinies. You can ask for more info anytime

I need a cloner with references or is trusted to clone my Shiny Oshawott x1 Shiny 5iv Piplup x1 Shiny Manaphy x1

I am going to start working on my normal Legend Collection. I do not want hacks. Cloned is fine. This thread will be here for Gengar/Timid/Poke Ball Levitate/Lvl 40/Female Jason/07951/Egg Hatched in Route 14

I am looking for shinies... I have Shiny Japanese Deoxys Shiny English 4iv Gengar W/ Gengarite... Make offers thx ^^

I am looking for shinies, or events, whatever. So just offer and maybe we can work something out

I am looking for a few shinies and have alot to offer Shinies: 5 or 6 ivs Caterpie Pidgey FarFetchd Muk Jynx shinies:

Hai, i rly need events. What i can offer on Generation 5 Shiny 6iv Mudkip Shiny 6iv Totodile Shiny 6iv Pichu Shiny 6iv

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