The Omega DCRage
May 20, 10 7:02pm

Just because you don't love her anymore doesn't mean she doesn't still think about you
The Omega DCRage
Aug 2, 08 11:28pm
Now how come the person below me found all of those anime pictures and I can never find good ones? Anyway, Stitch "enhanced" one of my stamps so you'll be the first I send it out to, heh.

Skaterstar57 DCRage
Jun 17, 08 10:07am

*Hugs a million times*

So sorry I am so late, I'm so awful. -_- But look at how far this month's nearly one month since your birthday...perhaps I was just waiting 'til I could congratulate you on being 30 years and one month old.

Or maybe it really is just because I am terrible about these things and always being late...

Anyway, happy birthday! *Cheers and throws confetti*

Here we goes:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Dave,
Happy birthday to you!

Okies, okies, stamp time: ^_~

Because I know you still really like GA, right? =P

Geez, Kasumi really is hot.

The last one's not exactly a stamp, but still. I really wanted to find a sweet picture of a sister/brother hugging, so it would like represent us, but I couldn't find a good enough one. Then I tried to find a nice picture of a girl and a guy hugging from an anime...but usually all I could find were yuri or yaoi hugs. >_> You probably wouldn't have minded the yuri ones, amirite?

But I thought the last picture was still cute. ^-^

Speaking of which, a few sexy/yuri pics for you: ^_-

Gee, look at those.

Okies, now presents, yayz:

Nice, eh? xD

Ishn't it cute?

This one's it to see what it is. x3

And a birthday isn't complete without balloons!

Or streamers!

Or party hats!

*Throws more confetti* Yay!

Pizza, zomg:

Looks good, doesn't it? XD

Cookies: :3

And chocolate chip, too: xD

Gee, now I'm hungry. xD

Brownies, yay:

And cupcakes, too:

Nowz cake time: Yay!

Sweet, huh?

Chocolate goodness.

Now is that just awesome or what?

And oh my goodness, it is the supreme cake.

LOLOLOLOL, all that is huge. XD Well, Dave, here is the spot where I say how much you really mean to me. I went through a couple rough times since coming back, and honestly talking to you was the only thing that kept me sane, you really helped me, and even though I did some horrible things you still loved me. ^^

I'm sorry if I've seemed a bit off lately, not replying much and everything, but a lot has been going on, and if that all hadn't happened, I would have gotten this done for your birthday much sooner. I am deeply sorry that it took me so long to get this done, I feel terrible about it.

I really do love you like a brother--and I really would like to go and see you some time! ^^ And hug you too, of course. xD I needs a hug now. *Sniffles*

I'm so glad I had the chance of meeting you, Dave. ^^ And that I came back to Neo here, too, so I could still talk to you.

I love you very, very much!


~ Laurel
The Omega DCRage
May 18, 08 9:00pm
I wish the picture were bigger and the logo wasn't in the way, but it was the only one I could find for this image, my personal favorite from the game, haha.

Neo Apocolypse DCRage
May 18, 08 2:36pm
Sorry that I havn't stamped you're GB for so long. I really hope you like this stamp though. =)

Have a wonderfull and great Birthday party or whatever you are planning today.

You are just as young as you feel, remember. =)
Take care and talk to ya later!

Neo A.
Audiobank DCRage
Aug 14, 07 9:36pm
HEY!!111 I never signed you before; I'll bless you now with some Sweet'n'Sour.

Iconic DCRage
Jun 14, 07 8:09pm
I don't get why you blocked me by PM but I don't care.. Just thought I'd come in and say you do an awesome job posting the info up in the wrestling forum. Here's a stamp for your trouble

advent kid DCRage
Apr 22, 07 12:41am
just doing random signing to random friends

JohnnyDamonGirl DCRage
Feb 17, 07 1:57am
just stopping by to say hey and thanks for helping me out on getting past the 8th chronicle in Soul Calibur 3 cavalry is definately a much better unit setting now I'm on the 16th chronicle which is making me more mad cause I can't occupy the main stronghold hit me up on AIM sometime which is Billysgirl211 your more than welcome to sign my guestbook.
Stuy DCRage
Feb 13, 07 2:54am
You hafF been stamped by tah ulmighty StuYyZ. [=

The Omega DCRage
Jan 25, 07 5:23am

That took a little while to make, haha.
DenniseA DCRage
Dec 26, 06 12:39am
Happy Holidays!

Pokemon Greetings from me to you (:

Personal Message: DenDen has been good this year ^-^ No bf's on x-mas >:] She's free to drool over the bajillions of crushes that DenDen has xD

DenDen ♥
Ryancola DCRage
Dec 20, 06 1:00am
Well, it's that time of the year again. Jingle bells ringing, champaigne corks popping, and looking back the year 2006 has gone by so fast! It's been cool hanging out in the Sports Forum, and I look forward to owning every fantasy game you start next year.

The rabbit says to stay out of trouble and to have a great holiday season.

Wishing you and yours the very best for Christmas and 2007, and looking forward to another year on Neoseeker!

Take care,

alleniverson3 DCRage
Dec 19, 06 12:17am


Damn I miss Nana...

Anyway, yeah, I'll see you around the wrestling forum. Peace.
kimberly17 DCRage
Dec 11, 06 8:06pm
Just wanted to sign your guestbook thanks for everything you have done for me. I love you and can't wait till We talk agian. I hope you have a wonderful work week. Talk to you later. I love you.
Bright Blue Yoshi DCRage
Nov 7, 06 11:26pm
~*At the doors of Heaven*~
~*The chariot shall come*~
~*Although we lead lives*~
~*Our passing will come*~

Looks like I’ve stumbled upon your guestbook.=D Anyway, I just dropped by to say hi.^^

See you around!=D

Angelic Serenity DCRage
Nov 6, 06 11:16pm
Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
Fluidity DCRage
Oct 8, 06 3:04am
I found your guestbook and I'm stamping it. Sign back. >=D

MoB_manu 4ever DCRage
Oct 1, 06 8:24pm
Thanks for the stamp

See you around.
Sosai X DCRage
Oct 1, 06 6:21pm

I haven't signed in quite a while...and I am here to do that now.

I just want to thank you for all your support, you've been there for me for so long. You continued to support me even after I did that stupid spamfest over a year ago.
You were there for me when I needed someone to talk to after I broke up with Jeffrey. After I found out about my health-issues. After I got stabbed in the back by Joanne, even after taking her in my house to support her and her baby.
After I moved out to do the internship and lived on my own for 5 months.
After I told you the stupid things I did when I was depressed.
After I broke up with you-know-who (Baten Kaitos forum).

I just want you to know I am very very thankful for your support. Really.

And I already said it: Don't forget I am here for you too.

Take care of yourself. We will talk again soon.


Skaterstar57 DCRage
Aug 28, 06 9:43am
Hey, Dave. ^^ You you were the first to stamp since I came back. =) So I shall stamp you now because I finally got tired of being lazy and made a new stamp. Here it is:


I love you, Dave.
lil ff kid reborn DCRage
Jul 27, 06 1:19am
hey heres one of my favorite players from one of my favorite teams

sign back please peace
tom111 DCRage
Jul 25, 06 6:04pm
Hey chief hows it been hanging?

Talk to ya later, ya betta PM me bitch. =D

- Tom
Akiva DCRage
Jul 24, 06 2:02pm
You get a 10 out of 10!

Storm DCRage
Jun 19, 06 5:39am

I know that you're a huge Kasumi fan, so I made this stamp in particular Looking at your custom title and signature, you're leaving were a great help with news and info about wrestling and such. Thanks for that I hope you return Summoner. Seeya.